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    Miami trade ideas?

    Looks like Miami is looking for backcourt help. Any trade ideas the Jazz could jump on? Already saw one suggestion on ESPN which suggested flipping Rush for a pick and player.
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    Ultimate place to live...

    If you had no tie downs i.e. wife, kids, career, ect where would be your #1 choice to live? Not just USA either I'm talkin' world wide.
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    This is going to be an epic year for me. Your casual Jazzfan will not be going to a lot of games this year. They expect wins. I on the other hand have been waiting to see the kids play for years. Demand will be low and we'll be able to score some sic tix for dirt cheap. Cannot wait!!
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    un educated jazz fans piss me off

    I love jazzfanz.com you're all die hards, get the NBA and how things work. I've learned a ton by trolling this site. But I go to KSL and read the comments based on their story of this trade and you get all of the people that really think we did this trade for GSW players. They are pissed...
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    This is why we want our cap space

    Jason Quick @jwquick about 16 minutes ago If 3-team deal reported by @Ailene Voisin and @Sam Amick goes down, Blazers would absorb contract of C Robin Lopez and give up nothing. Read more: https://hoopshype.com/twitter/media.html#ixzz2Y6ElxOAw Portland gets Lopez for nothing. Simply...
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    Any one interested in seeing Stock's boy as our third PG? I used to hang with the kid when he played for Westminster. Loved what he brought to summer league last year. Kid is tuff just like his pops.
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    **** this!!

    The Jazz would like to re-sign both of their big men, Jefferson and Paul Millsap, sources said. But the price tag could ultimately be too high, especially considering Utah already has some young, promising bigs in Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter. Utah also acquired the draft rights to center Rudy...
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    Press Conference?

    What time will this happen? Stoked to see the three new Jazz players together!
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    Jazz Roster As Of Today

    PG Burke, McNeil, Neto SG Burks, Murphy SF Hayward, Marvin PF Favors, Evans C Kanter, Rudy Thats 11 players! Assuming Neto and Rudy come over this year. I'd assume Foye and Junkyard Dog will be back. Now were at 13. Add in Tomic and were at 14! Crazy.
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    Raul Neto?

    Chris Vivlamore @ajchawks about 10 minutes ago Raul Neto to Jazz and Ennis to Heat are both for future second-round picks. #ATLHawks Read more: https://hoopshype.com/twitter/media.html#ixzz2XTybPdxT
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    Butt cheek the new cleavage?

    There is a new trend for women to wear shorts so short that almost half their *** cheek is exposed. Has any one else noticed this and what say you? Personally, I think it's ****ing awesome! Then again, I live next to two yoga studios and the talent is quite nice. I would assume the...
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    Trade Coach Corbin?!

    Apparently you can trade your Coach to another team for draft pics. Any other team dumb enough to give us a second rounder for Ty!!! I WISH!
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    Bring back the Mo Hawk!

    AK47 may opt out of Minny. Any one down to bring him back? He could back up Favors at the four and Gordo at the 3. Were going to need to spend money somewhere.
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    When can NBA teams start trading again? I thought so long as your season was over you could trade now with any other team who's season is also over. Is this correct? Or do trades only start up again on draft night?
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    Calling it now...

    Big Fat Al and Millsap will play out this season in Utah. Jazz will then let them move on. Next year we sign many one year deals aka Dallas this year for a stop gap until summer 2014. This gives Dennis and KOC a blank canvas with tons of cap space to make a run at a legit MAX player. Not...
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    Time to get Wade out of Miami...

    and into a Jazz uniform! The dude is being hated on big time by the fans in Miami. He is not playing too well and doesn't seem one bit happy with Spo. Also, Miami needs rebounding something fierce. Enter Al Jefferson. I've seen it proposed before and thought it was laughable and in no way...
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    Trade idea w/ Washington

    https://basketball.realgm.com/tradechecker/saved_trade/6187346 Jazz trade Jeffy and Paul for Nene and Wall Who says no? Jazz most likely throw in a 1st rounder as well.
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    Realistic Options at PG

    Looking around the league I see very few PG's that could be had via trade. While none of them are top 5 PG's, there is talent to be had. Jennings. Rumored to be on the block. Kid is a major talent. But is he a chucker? Evans. Maybe the most talent of any. But can he put it all...
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    Trade proposed on ESPN

    https://basketball.realgm.com/tradechecker/saved_trade/6178808 Thoughts? They also talked about a trade with Jeffy being swapped for Jose and Bargs
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    He's being dangled by the Raptors. Any interest? I do miss Memo the Money Man Okur and his ability to open up the paint. I have no idea about his contract situation. Thoughts?