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    I'm Quitting The Jazz

    Ok, wow hold on. This is still a good team. Weve played the fifth hardest schedule in the league so far and were not gelled yet. I think we can still expect better play from Conley. We know Jingles is capable of playing better. I expect Dante to get more comfortable as the year goes on. The...
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    Mike Conley for Chris Paul?

    Our system is perhaps the most complicated in the league for PG's to learn. All new players we throw in to the PG position have struggled and needed time to adjust. The true fact is that DM is getting the shots he needs and is really effective because of it. Once Conley gets comfortable were...
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    Quotes from around the league on Bojan

    Never mind just heard that Mirotic has signed with Barcelona. So we wont be getting him.
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    Quotes from around the league on Bojan

    OmG so pumped up. I thought our next best move available would have been Mirotic. This is so much better. I wouldn't be surprised if we managed to get him to now. All those who have been talking trash about DL may need some hot sauce with all the crow they are about to eat.
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    Kemba or Tobias, who would you rather have?

    I would want Tobias. I think Kemba is a better player but I think that Harris fits are system better and I still have hope for Dante at the point.
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    Terry Rozier?

    No way I want Rozier. He is not a good distributor or shot creator. If he was he would have earned more minutes from a recovering Hayward. But the Celtics needed hobbled Hayward on the floor to steady the flow of the offense and he wasn't really good at it either.
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    A better person would not have done quotes from Clutchfans on the Rockets collapse

    Harden isn't ruining anything. He is intelligent and plays the game smart. Nobody was complaining when Kobe or Jordan were hunting fouls by jumping into defenders or pulling up under people's arms. If you dont enjoy his type of game fine but making statements like hes ruining the game is...
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    A better person would not have done quotes from Clutchfans on the Rockets collapse

    Hayward to the Pelicans would just be too funny. I think I would have to pity him then.
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    A better person would not have done quotes from Clutchfans on the Rockets collapse

    Wow so much hate on Harden. I mean he scored 33 points in the loss. Honestly the anger should be pointed at Paul and Clint. Not to mention the desperation singing of Paul to the max. That contract is worse then the John Wall now. Chris Paul has crippled this team. If I'm Harden I'm looking to...
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    Dennis Lindsey promoted to VP of basketball operations. Justin Zanik promoted to GM

    DL gets way more flack then he deserves. Gobert, Don, Kanter, Hood were all good picks. Oneal, Ingels were great finds. Rubio and Crowder were good trades. Quin is an exceptional choice for head coach. He has put together this team which is a really good team needing only a few tweaks to become...
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    Quotes from the Bulls-"WOW this is a receiving end of a blowout for the ages"

    Bulls fans seem to have little ability to write. Although they made many honest statement's.
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    Brooklyn @ Utah 7pm MST

    I don't appreciate the shaming of the former Jazz dancer. Lives are full of good and bad decisions. Pointing out the poor decisions of others is a sign of insecurity. Let us celebrate what is good and stray from propping ourselves up on the misfortune of others.
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    Utah Jazz guard Dante Exum has suffered a partially torn patellar tendon in his right knee and is si

    I think people need to remember that this sport is entertainment. Its about rooting for your team and bonding over the experience. When I look at Dante I see a young man who is continually fighting an up hill battle so he can help support his team. I want the Jazz to win as much as anyone...
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    Official Rubio Support thread

    Rubio is a winner and needs to be appreciated. Dude is not the best shooter but is better than average in almost every other category. Do you really expect Ricky to be an all-star? He is a great addition to our team and helps win games.
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    Game Thread: Jazz at Raptors, any minute now

    Siakam had a great game to. But 75% on 20 shots from Leonard with 15 ft attempts is absolutely amazing.
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    Game Thread: Jazz at Raptors, any minute now

    The context is starting PGs.
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    Game Thread: Jazz at Raptors, any minute now

    Mitchel is a star of the future. He's just going through the sophomore slump. He's still a lot better than a second year player has any right being
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    Game Thread: Jazz at Raptors, any minute now

    That's my personal list as well. I'm not quoting any site or article.
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    Game Thread: Jazz at Raptors, any minute now

    I think Ricky has a better impact on winning when he's on compared to Bledsoe. Ricky is very inconsistent but when he's on, we win. Consistancy is a trait, not a deciding factor on one's over all impact.
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    Game Thread: Jazz at Raptors, any minute now

    30. Okubo, Suns 29. Spurs 28. Trey Burke, Knicks 27. DJ Augustine, Magic 26. Colin Sexton, Cavs 25. Reggie Jackson, 24. Darren Collison 23. Dennis Smith Jr 22. Kris Dun 21. Jeff Teague 20. Elfrid Peyton 19. D'angelo Russell 18. Trae Young 17. Eric Bledsoe 16. Monte Morris 15. Ricky Rubio 14...