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    Game Thread Aug 05, 2020: Utah Jazz vs Memphis Grizzlies

    Sounds like you’re Locke , If you are , you over analyse everything , you have a terrible voice , and your calls are cringeworthy! We look terrible , we were terrible before Covid , nothing has changed , Niang is just painful , But it’s becoming to hard to watch . He is pretty much a fan...
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    Post Your Gobert or Mitchell Trade Ideas

    This season , Rudy and Donovan have grown apart , way before Corona happened ... you could just tell the body language of the 2 ... Rudy’s generalised comments about guys not playing together, defence ect ... I have no doubt was aimed at Don. In return ... I’ve seen Don miss Rudy wide open...
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    Rudy has Covid 19

    They are really painting Rudy in such a bad light here ... Rudy , like Donovan , go out of their way to interact with kids and fans . Who is to say the kid had it and gave it to Rudy ...
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    Donovan Mitchell tests positive for COVID-19

    According to Woj , most of Rudy’s team mates are angry at him , not just Donovan ... who is apparently not speaking to him .. Now this can all be seen as a media beat up , but I can’t see Woj the type just to make this up for a story ... He comes across as always checking every source ... and...
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    Donovan Mitchell tests positive for COVID-19

    I think Don would be very embarrassed and angry at being only one of two NBA players so far with it I can understand his anger at Rudy ... I dunno how the Jazz move ahead with this
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    Donovan Mitchell tests positive for COVID-19

    Honestly , I don’t think things have been good between Don and Rudy for a while now . Jazz need to make this work ... No way you could trade Rudy for at least 6 months till this blows over .. Right now , Rudy is being seen as the reason why the NBA has been shut down by the fickle , uneducated...
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    NBA season is suspended

    Maybe play the rest of the season in North Korea
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    Rudy has Covid 19

    Rudy touching the microphones has been blown way out of proportion ... Everyone knows Rudy is blind as a bat and was searching for his contacts
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    Rudy has Covid 19

    At least we have a good excuse for not winning it all this season Poor Rudy , he will be fine ...
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    @D Will Texas: right now OKC only favored by 2 points

    Maybe the best block Rudy has ever done !
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    I bet $7,600 on the Jazz to beat the Raptors

    Refs were terrible , but Toronto did a Great job of switching and making Royce shoot ... it took Don and Bojan out of their games
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    I bet $7,600 on the Jazz to beat the Raptors

    The effort from Bradley .... go big fella Conley with much better energy , same with Jingles
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    Apart from Conley hitting more shots ... his speed looks a lot better ... Even on defence , getting deflections, steals , and rebounds ... He has connected better with Rudy and Bradley . Still probably dribbles it to much , but I guess it’s no worse then Don losing it in traffic or Bojan...
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    March 4, Classic Revenge Game -- Knicks Will Be Jazz Killers

    Niang’s career can’t afford to have points taken away from him ..
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    Oh hey, the Jazz are playing in Cleveland rn...

    5 seconds on the clock in the first quarter ... Gobert inbounds ... has 2 wide open options Mitchell and Clarkson ... goes to throw it to Mitchell then passes it to Clarkson .. Mitchell just stood there ..
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    WTF Rudy?

    I’m starting to wonder if Don and Rudy don’t get on ... Mitchell had a bad miss of Rudy in the paint, all by himself , dancing and jumping up like a clown for an easy dunk and Mitchell passed it to Royce in the corner ... Mitchell isn’t the only one that misses him wide open ... Conley seems...
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    Fire the Clock Operator

    I think the clock is fine until the first time out and that woman who comes out with prizes starts screeching her voice and then bang , it’s broke ... Her voice peals paint off the wall
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    Conley Benched

    Larry never liked dishing out the $$$ , I can’t see Gail being too happy with paying a player 30+ Mill for such little production .. All Conley does is bring the ball up the court .. pass to gobert , then run to one of the corners ... he may as well be sitting in the front row .. So he gets...
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    Conley Benched

    All we need is Homer Simpson in the episode he cuts everyone you’re cut , oh , you’re cut too ...
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    Conley Benched

    I can’t believe this what our Utah Jazz team has become This is on DL , you wanted Conley , you blew up something good If it is true , and Conleys camp have requested or demanded he start , or Jazz front office have over ruled Snyder , Well I’m not sure I can get my head around it. I feel...