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    Have people here bought into Conley yet?

    Or am I still going to get LOL'd at for saying the Jazz made the right decision trading for him and keeping him? Has the sample size of good play still been "too small"?
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    Can We Please Just Waive NWG?

    We believe in our system and our ability to develop. Maybe a little too much for our own good sometimes.
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    Are the Jazz going to trade Rudy?

    Tony Jones said the Jazz won't trade Rudy even if he starts the season without an extension.
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    Which active former Jazz player would you most like to see come back?

    Out of these options Wes Matthews would probably be best for the current roster.
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    Can We Please Just Waive NWG?

    I'm pretty sure we're paying the tax. Any 14th player keeps us over the tax. It's too risky to be at 13 in this covid climate. I also doubt the Jazz will go the 10 day contract route with covid around. The only way we might duck the tax is through an unexpected deadline trade.
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    Can We Please Just Waive NWG?

    We're trying to win now.
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    Dis-respect - Spida is taking notes (as usual).

    Not sure what is funny. I said the Jazz acquired Conley for the playoffs and that he would play well in the playoffs. He did. If you want to say I was wrong about the Jazz winning the series, fine. I was. I wasn't wrong about Conley tho.
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    How much better are the jazz?

    We're better. We'll see how much. Favors isn't a ceiling raiser but he's a floor stabilizer. I don't expect us to be a rollercoaster like last season. How much better we are depends on how much you believe in our core. I happen to believe in it. Advanced stats love our lineups. I think Donovan...
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    Dis-respect - Spida is taking notes (as usual).

    I was right about playoff Conley. So yeah, a repeat of being right would be awesome.
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    Dis-respect - Spida is taking notes (as usual).

    We're a 2-6 seed barring multiple significant injuries. I view a Gobert trade as EXTREMELY unlikely.
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    Dis-respect - Spida is taking notes (as usual).

    The only way that the Jazz miss the playoffs is if several key players miss significant portions of the season to injury. Simply put, our top 8 is way too damn good to miss. We have way too many good to elite lineups.
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    Dis-respect - Spida is taking notes (as usual).

    He'll be just one of many idiots.
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    Can We Please Just Waive NWG?

    Agree. Waive and sign Shaq Harrison now. It's unbelievable that Shaq hasn't been signed. Young, athletic, proven defender, showed actual shooting potential. I was convinced a contender would snag him fast. Can't believe he's still available. It won't happen though. I don't think NWG gets waived...
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    2020 Training Camp Thread

    And Favors #15. As expected, Mudiay gone.
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    What's Utah's Next Move?

    Only move that may happen before the season starts is the Rudy extension. I assume that probably happens. Other than that... nada.
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    2020 Free Agency Thread

    So much for the "we traded Tucker and a pick to stay out of the tax" nonsense
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    Elijah Hughes to the Jazz

    Jazz should have signed him to a 4 yr deal instead of 2.
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    Dark Mode uniforms

    They are okay. I wish the color transitions were blended instead of hard lines. I like the yellow numbers on black jersey and the addition of the arch though.
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    Nicholas Batum?

    Glad that the Clippers rushed to sign someone who hasn't been good at basketball for like 5 years.
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    Lonzo Ball

    David Griffin loves Lonzo. He's in Pelicans longterm plans. Trust me.