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  1. cctrackstar

    What should the Jazz do with the 28th Pick?

    we were a few (possibly tanking) injuries away from the playoffs last season, and we will have a lottery pick and more team chemistry next year. that means i like a lot of the players we have now. if we draft three firsts, that's three players that get pushed off the end of the stick. better...
  2. cctrackstar

    Welcome to Utah, Cason Wallace

    it could have been worse, we could have dropped as many as three spots, so i'm good with 9
  3. cctrackstar

    Let's Go Rudy & Mike

    ooh, yeah, if rudy and mike win it all, than all of his teammates will think that they deserve max contracts, and either max out their salary cap/luxury tax or demand to be traded or leave in free agency which will maker our future picks from them better.
  4. cctrackstar

    Jazz sign center Vernon Carey Jr.

    well this is different, the team is signing camp invitees in the sunset of the previous season. i know that during the summer you can't take any signings that aren't guaranteed seriously, i guess this one will be similar.
  5. cctrackstar

    Jazz sign Luka Samanic to 10-day contract

    what is harder, to change one's game or one's attitude? honest question. kanter never did, but it should be possible. well, either way he isn't expensive so sure, why not.
  6. cctrackstar


    He shouldn't be paid what his extension would have been, but at his size and age a lower contract would be fine. that is only if there is room, we do have possibly three first round picks coming.
  7. cctrackstar

    How Much $$$ Should Jazz Throw at Austin Reaves?

    Saint Cy of JFC said: It's not only about the stereotype, it's the irony that white guys are bagging on white guys. it's like a blonde saying blond jokes, or even worse, a polish guy doing polish jokes. have some pride my dudes, and also in a weird way, stereotyping white guys indirectly...
  8. cctrackstar

    Jazz Sign Kris Dunn for ROS + 1-Year

    there are two kinds of 'age' in the NBA. obviously there is how many years they have been alive, but in this case it's the mileage (or lack thereof) that matters. Dunn is soon to be 29, sure, but he has spent so little actual game time in his career, he's probably closer to 24/25 in his...
  9. cctrackstar

    Jazz Sign Kris Dunn for ROS + 1-Year

    you don't have to sit a guy down and give them step by step training for them to learn from you. they can just watch how you execute the offence while they are on the bench and apply it to their own games. they still learn without a word being spoken.
  10. cctrackstar

    THT Turning The Corner?

    This would be a lot easier if we didn't already have Sexton. they are two entirely different players who would fill the same spot. (sixth man energy guys). and i really want to keep Dunn. I agree with what someone said earlier, maybe we sigh as we let Clarson go. sorry dud, wrong side of...
  11. cctrackstar

    Which of these three current guards should start at point guard

    so, i was looking at the roster on espn and it shows Jordan Clarkson as a point guard. i guess he could be in there too, but the real truth is that the only real point guard on the roster is on a ten day contract. still tho, if tht could trim up a bit, i wonder how good he could be.
  12. cctrackstar

    Which of these three current guards should start at point guard

    Which of our three guards should start at point guard? this is assuming they are all healthy.
  13. cctrackstar

    All Star Weekend Thread

    idiot. the smoking laws are the same here as anywhere else, and you can most certainly drink, i walked around downtown friday and there are plenty of bars. maybe not as many as some places, but they are there, i saw them myself.
  14. cctrackstar

    Damian Jones checked into the game with 2:31 left in the third quarter....

    Is Azibuke still on the team? i'm actually sad, i like him, but he hasn't done anything.
  15. cctrackstar

    My Letter To Adam Silver Regarding All Star Game

    the Jazz are a storied franchise with decades of winning, and no, All Stars don't win championships, more often they are the best player on a bad team, thus they get all the shots and all the points. kind of like right now. it happens all the time. in fact the fact that the fans still get the...
  16. cctrackstar

    Russell Westbrook, Yay or Nay?

    if i were to add another yes it might be 'yes, he can help develop the youngsters.' i don't think i can add it tho.
  17. cctrackstar

    Russell Westbrook, Yay or Nay?

    well, don't hold out on us, what is your other yes answer?
  18. cctrackstar

    Russell Westbrook, Yay or Nay?

    Do we want him to play with the team for the remainder of the season?
  19. cctrackstar

    Buyout market

    i know the Jazz supposedly aren't trying to win, but after the trade, they desperately need a pass first point guard, even if he is an off the bench guy. otherwise, the offence is going to fall apart and team development will stop. what point guards are being bought out?
  20. cctrackstar

    Woj: Jazz agree to 3-team trade with Lakers and Timberwolves

    why did we give away Vanderbilt? He is young, he is good sized, hard worker, good contract, i don't understand why he wasn't in the future team plans, did i miss something?