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  1. akirac73

    Hardy is the coach of the year, regardless of what the official outcome is

    With a ATS record like that, I think the nickname Will "Cover" is more appropriate.
  2. akirac73

    Rudy Gobert, model teammate?

    Maybe Ainge can take Rudy back but Twolves will have to throw in at least 3 first round picks since we're taking on such a large salary. o_O
  3. akirac73

    Official Utah/Minnesota/Philadelphia Pick Watch

    That sounds like a Hallmark movie I have zero interest in watching.
  4. akirac73

    Game Thread Oct 19, 2022 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs Nuggets

    Knicks being the Knicks...
  5. akirac73

    Game Thread Oct 21, 2022 06:00PM MT: Jazz at Timberwolves

    oof...sorry not paying attention LOL. Well my comment still stands when Minnesota comes to SLC. ;)
  6. akirac73

    Game Thread Oct 21, 2022 06:00PM MT: Jazz at Timberwolves

    When Rudy is introduced on the Twolves lineup, It could be the first time in Salt Palace/Delta Center/Vivint Arena history where an opposing player gets the loudest applause.
  7. akirac73

    Former Jazz players around the league

    Reading the Timberwolves subreddit is funny...Timberwolves fans are saying stuff about Rudy, AFTER JUST ONE GAME, that we've been saying forever (and people thought we were just crazy homers), like: "...guys either just don't look at the rim or miss the easiest shots by a mile even when they...
  8. akirac73

    Lakers-Jazz Trade

    Probably nobody better in the league to be Tank Commander than Westbrick.
  9. akirac73

    Current Jazz player most likely to be on the roster next year?

    Of the two Jared Butlers on the list, I say the ******** of the two is likely gone...
  10. akirac73


    This is tough. They'd have to settle this debate in the that case I'll take Deron.
  11. akirac73


    Where would the 4 first round picks come from? The Jazz already have them LOL.
  12. akirac73

    UDFA Thread

    Just watched some Juzang highlights...he kinda reminds me of Joe Johnson.
  13. akirac73

    “Hustle” (Juancho) Review

    I know it’s only a movie, but it made me hate Anthony Edwards even more than I already did…
  14. akirac73

    Draymond wishes he was as good as Rudy

    I have never took enjoyment from watching someone fail…until now. It feels good!
  15. akirac73

    Predict the Rudy Gobert trade

    Actually, I think all of those trades are bad for the Jazz. One of the greatest defensive players in NBA history for those scrubs? Luckily for us, Ainge won’t let us get swindled…
  16. akirac73

    Two years in a row...

    The team with the best record in the league is ousted in the 2nd round after blowing a 2-0 series lead. As painful as it's been being a Jazz fan this season, for some strange reason, watching CP3/Booker/Phoenix totally melt down in game 7 made me feel better. The Jazz had a penchant for...
  17. akirac73

    It's fun watching a completely wide-open playoff knowing the Jazz **** the bed this year.

    Even if we put Dallas away when Luka was out, we would've gotten destroyed by the Suns.
  18. akirac73

    Would you Flip Conley for Paul this Off-Season?

    As much as I can't stand CP3...he has the qualities that the team needs which Conley does not possess. Vocal leadership and toughness. We probably still won't be a championship caliber team because we have too many defensive problems that one person cannot solve, be we would definitely be a...
  19. akirac73

    Game Thread Apr 25, 2022 7:30PM MT: Jazz at Mavericks - Game 5

    At least we know Clarkson is a keeper…only one out there not giving up and showing heart.
  20. akirac73

    Game Thread Apr 25, 2022 7:30PM MT: Jazz at Mavericks - Game 5

    If we were the Los Angeles Clippers, we’d be licking our chops facing a 28 pt defecit….but instead we’re the Utah Jazz. Done. Dead.