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    Colin Cowherd proposing LeBron to the Warriors for Kuminga, Poole, and Wiggins.

    I saw this video where Colin Cowherd proposes LeBron to GSW for Kuminga, Poole, and Wiggins. I think the Lakers might actually get the best end of that deal. LeBron is older, and if the Lakers have Kuminga, Poole, Wiggins, Reaves, AD, and Rui, they would be pretty decent. View...
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    Deseret News - Offseason resembles teeth cleanings for BYU coaches | Opinion

    Should this be posted under General Sports? I don't think it's Jazz related is it?
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    Jazz Game Media Options Moving Forward

    Sorry, I see a similar article was posted on the news feed.
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    Jazz Game Media Options Moving Forward

    Since this deals with the Jazz, I thought I'd post it.
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    Who have you been most wrong about?

    I don't know that I was wrong about Kessler, because until the Jazz traded for him, I didn't even know who he was, but he is pretty dang good; especially for a rookie. The whole Jazz team is about hustling, but when he is put in, I just feel like he's going to get a block. He plays hard and is a...
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    Game Thread Nov 07, 2022 08:15PM MT: Jazz vs Lakers

    I think it's also because everybody is playing tonight and no one is playing tomorrow, so they can vote. So, there are a lot of games tonight and like was said, they are probably trying to stagger them a bit.
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    NBA commissioner says the league is monitoring tanking, a ‘serious issue’ While some franchises have been speculated to do less than everything possible to win in order to secure top draft picks, the NBA is cracking down this season, according to Silver...
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    R.I.P. The Tank

    Ya, just like they got Tim Duncan. :( San Antonio won tonight too.
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    Game Thread Oct 21, 2022 06:00PM MT: Jazz at Timberwolves

    Just saw this on Twitter. Ha ha
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    Danny Ainge has Traded/Signed for Seven White Players

    I didn't look at all the posts here, but going through ESPNs top 20 players this year only 2 in their top 20 are white; Luka and Joker. We are tanking, so signing/trading for white guys basically means we are tanking. If our existing white guys are pretty good, we are going to trade them. Even...
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    Jazz and Knicks discussing Donovan Mitchell trade per Shams Charania and Tony Jones

    The Jazz is going to get as cool of results as the Jersey's did.
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    Mitchell Will be Traded Today (9/1/22)

    May the Schwartz be with you!
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    Woj says the Jazz are listening to offers for Mitchell

    That's true, but I still would be very surprised if they get him. If they do, I'd be shocked.
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    Woj says the Jazz are listening to offers for Mitchell

    All over twitter they are saying Knicks management says Barrett is basically untradeable. I would be surprised if we get him. Probably other fillers, but not Barrett. People in touch with the Knicks recently said that they have no interest in trading RJ Barrett in any deal.
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    Patrick Beverly asking the Jazz on Instagram if they are trying to win or if they are going to tank

    Just ran across this: View: Pat Bev is waiting for the Utah Jazz to decide which direction their franchise is going. “Utah ya’ll tryna win or ya’ll tryna tank, let me know… We...
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    Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

    See Miami is offering peanuts for Donovan, but I would guess Ainge might trade him for Bam Adebayo. Then the Jazz could pick up Sexton and we could be better off. The catch is Miami trading Bam is as likely as the Jazz trading Donovan. Mutually it's not going to happen.
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    Center Options?

    I know Whiteside has his stuff, but he was pretty good last year. I say we should choose between him or Cousins, or both of them. Might be tough on a first year coach, but I'm sure we could get both of them for cheap. They are still out there waiting for an offer. We could get both of them and...
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    Bruno is our New Star

    We don't talk about Bruno.
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    That's so hilarious. They want the two best players on Minnesota for KD. It's the Gobert effect. They just can't get less than the Jazz did for Rudy. Minnesota just traded for Rudy, and now the Nets want them to give up Towns and Ant.