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    2023 NBA Draft Megathread

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    2023 NBA Playoffs Discussion Thread

    DM taking it to the Knicks!
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    Official Utah/Minnesota/Philadelphia Pick Watch

    So are we rooting from Washington to WIN their final game? we would tie them for 8th worst, right? provided we lose our last two.
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    Is THT a Longterm Piece?

    The point being he's horribly inefficient offensively and not good defensively. Yes, he's making progress but the long-term viability of him as an NBA rotation player is still a question mark for me.
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    Game Thread Mar 29, 2023 06:00PM MT: Jazz at Spurs

    Yep on 50 fg attempts lol
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    Game Thread Mar 13, 2023 05:30PM MT: Jazz at Heat

    Our boys fight hard this team is honestly impressive to watch…Great tank loss.
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    Game Thread Mar 13, 2023 05:30PM MT: Jazz at Heat

    Bam anticipated that pass and extended his arm out to prevent that pass to Kessler, great defensive play by Bam.
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    THT Turning The Corner?

    Yes, from the viewpoint of a Jazz fan that has little to no knowledge of THT's career up to this point.
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    THT Turning The Corner?

    No not at all...But we would need to see a much larger sample size then him going off on a horrible defensive team. The next 7 games to end the season will show me where he really is...
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    THT Turning The Corner?

    View: Did THT turn a corner, No. This is who he is, he's scored 40 before and 30+ in preseason games and multiple in season games in the high 20s. These are the flashes he shows that keeps a team holding onto his potential. Glad he had a good game and we got the...
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    2023 NBA Draft Megathread

    Anthony Black has great vision. He hasn't played well the last couple games..
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    2023 NBA Draft Megathread

    I agree with Tony...
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    2023 NBA Draft Megathread

    Yep I'm right there with you on this....
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    2023 NBA Draft Megathread

    I'm convinced on Black I think he's a great fit for us.
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    Ryan Smith/Ainge live interview

    This interview was awesome. I really enjoyed the DA portion. He philosophy is talent and best player available. He mentioned he doesn't necessarily buy into the idea of complimentary players but more of acquiring really talented players that can do multiple things and allowing them to figure...
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    2023 NBA Draft Megathread

    I still have a lot of draft work to do to catch up but given our core I believe our greatest needs are playmaking and perimeter defense. So for me if available an elite Guard prospect in the top 10 that is a positionally sized playmaker that can defend well I’m all in. So for me Anthony Black...
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    Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

    The league is really valuing 1st now. No one wants to trade 1st round picks. Probably has something to do with Murray, Rudy, Don, Kyrie and KD trades lol
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    Game Thread Feb 08, 2023 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Wolves

    I wonder how negatively impacted Kessler game will be without Conley.