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  1. HeatCheck

    Draft Homers List 2023

    Add another vote for Coulibaly. I don't think Whitmore falls past Detroit at 5. Jazz can still pick a guard at 16 or even move up a few slots to potentially grab either JHS, Bufkin, or Wallace. Black might be the only one who gets taken in the top 10.
  2. HeatCheck

    Consensus Mock Draft Pick #8

    I think you might be confusing Washington with Orlando.
  3. HeatCheck

    Your draft big board

    I might move a few guys around a slot or two but this board is very similar to my Jazz specific board. Slots 4-8 look like a real sweet spot for their needs so it's potentially a little tenuous sitting at 9. GG could of course become a really nice player but do think his floor is quite a bit...
  4. HeatCheck

    What should the Jazz do with the 28th Pick?

    Depends on what happens at 9 and 16. I like the idea of potentially taking on a contract while trading up from 28 (or 16) but it might not make much sense if they've already drafted their two guys.
  5. HeatCheck

    2023 NBA Draft Megathread

    Agreed he has the closest physical profile. There are so many other intangibles involved with Butler though. Let's say they are able to trade up to the 4th pick of this draft, I have little doubt Whitmore would be Ainge's pick.
  6. HeatCheck

    Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

    I don't know... Poole is owed approx $130 mil over the next four years. That is pretty steep for a guy whose really not going to be a huge difference maker. He's at best a #3 or #4 guy on a playoff type team?
  7. HeatCheck

    2023 NBA Draft Megathread

    Of course these players could bust but the more I look at Whitmore, Jarace, and even Ausur they have the tools potential to be future stars. Jazz are sitting so close to their draft range it would be difficult to watch them go off the board just ahead of our pick, esp when they have accumulated...
  8. HeatCheck

    Pick a Salary Dump Trade

    Any of the trades proposed in the initial post are fine although I'm a little skeptical about Collins. Actually I would prefer to spend the capspace to take on contracts/picks from teams over the tax apron moreso than spending that money in a weak FA class.
  9. HeatCheck

    Pick a Salary Dump Trade

    Maybe if his contract was for 2 additional years and not 4. Jazz will need to give Lauri his extension in '25 and don't think it's a good idea to have Poole's contract on the books for 4 more years. I don't want to be the team paying him over $35 mil in '26-'27.
  10. HeatCheck

    How Much $$$ Should Jazz Throw at Austin Reaves?

    Sadly I can see Lebron ending up in Dallas with Kyrie and Doncic but it likely wouldn't happen until the '24 offseason when he can just walk in FA. He obviously wants to play with stars. AD actually stayed somewhat healthy during the postseason but that is an anomoly with him at this point...
  11. HeatCheck

    2023 Trade Rumors and Gossip Involving the Jazz

    Agreed. Their HC doesn't seem to have "it." Good thing Ainge struck and grabbed Hardy when he did.
  12. HeatCheck

    2023 Trade Rumors and Gossip Involving the Jazz

    Maybe Boston will have 2nd thoughts about giving both Tatum and Brown a super max contract esp with the new CBA. I could see Brown traded a year or two down the road but doubt Brad Stevens would be impulsive enough to unload him this offseason regardless of what happens the rest of these...
  13. HeatCheck

    Trade up? What are you willing to give up?

    I would move up only so far to take the wing that has fallen to the 7 range. My guess that would probably be Ausur although maybe Whitmore drops? Sadly both Amen and Miller are going top 4 and likely out of our reach. Yes they have question marks but so did guys like Butler, Brown, PG...
  14. HeatCheck

    Which point guard should we draft?

    Any of these wings have an insane Jimmy Butler type work ethic. Holy crap he's dominating these playoffs.
  15. HeatCheck

    Which point guard should we draft?

    Just give me a wing in the top 10 even if they need to spend a pick to move up a slot or two. Look at how Ainge built the Celtics with Brown and Tatum. You typically are not going to get a wing with tantalizing Thompson Twin athleticism, size, and potential later in the draft. Guards are alot...
  16. HeatCheck

    Black or Wallace?

    This. People get all in their feelings about some of these guys. Wallace is fine in the 10-14 range but I don't think he's a top 9 talent in this draft. I think we see a dropoff once you get to about 10. Some say Kentucky guards always over produce their draft slot but that wasn't the case...
  17. HeatCheck

    2023 NBA Draft Megathread

    That would be great but Mavs are likely another team likely looking for "win now" players to put next to Luka.
  18. HeatCheck

    2023 NBA Draft Megathread

    Tell me what NBA player was ever drafted from this league?
  19. HeatCheck

    2023 NBA Draft Megathread

    Amen isn't a "win now" player though. I love his potential but he was basically playing in a glorified rec league last year.
  20. HeatCheck

    2023 NBA Draft Megathread

    Bite me