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    Hardy is the coach of the year, regardless of what the official outcome is

    I propose a new nickname for him: (Hard) Cash You literally should never bet against him. Great article discussing the culture he has built:
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    Game Thread Apr 04, 2023 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Lakers

    Sexton I'd guess since they'll want to work him back in slowly anyway
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    Walker Kessler Hype & Appreciation Thread

    That would require a shooting touch he hasn’t shown beyond a couple feet. His free throw shooting isn’t indicative of that happening.
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    Game Thread Mar 25, 2023 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Kings

    By losing to a shorthanded Hornets team at home. Not a good look...
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    Quotes from Kings' forums-"Utah putting out players I’ve never heard of in my life and still winning"

    Now I'm imagining Snyder driving up to Hardy on the street corner to pick up some coke before driving off to kill some hookers.
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    Better trade?

    And as to the original trades- the pick given for Rudy ended up being Erick Green who played mostly one year of G-League before being waived. Trey Lyles still in the league but Denver rescinded his qualifying offer after the end of his rookie contract, so lost him for nothing.
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    Better trade?

    BTW, in my view, even with Kessler's emergence, its ended up surprisingly close. Ochai looks like someone who could be an all-star eventually, Lauri already is one, Sexton replaces a good chunk of what Mitchell gave us. The swaps may end up in our favor in the timeline they show up in...
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    Better trade?

    Both contributed roughly equally to the success of the Jazz during their tenure. Ultimate haul for Mitchell trade: Ochai, Lauri, Sexton, 3 firsts unprotected, 2 Swaps from Cleveland Ultimate haul for the Gobert trade: Kessler, THT, Toscano-Anderson, Damian Jones, Minnesota 4 1sts unprotected...
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    A few thoughts on this season...

    Curiously, this has been a renewing season for me as a fan, even as they have gotten much worse, record wise. This season is a reminder that it is about the struggle and walking that path proudly and well, rather than the W or L. I accept DA's tear down, because the franchise is seeking...
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    Official Utah/Minnesota/Philadelphia Pick Watch

    missed the earlier posts about Ant- sounds like it isn’t serious: View:
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    Official Utah/Minnesota/Philadelphia Pick Watch

    Anthony Edwards injured- can’t put any weight on his ankle as he’s helped off the court…
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    Its Time to Tank

    I'd agree, other than the fact the remaining schedule is brutal. We're going to continue to lose a bunch of close games, but lose we will.
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    Its Time to Tank

    Yeah, don't know what the rest of the tank candidate's schedules look like, but we could easily fall to 5th if the rest of the teams stay at around what they've been doing over the course of the season.
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    Bolmaro waived according to Shams-

    Interesting- David A Smith thinks its because we want to sign someone, but I think we have open slots already right? Maybe just doin him a favor so he can sign elsewhere? View:
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    Game Thread Feb 13, 2023 05:00PM MT: Jazz at Pacers

    Kinda. He still looked hella awkward and was a walking turnover.
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    Watched the 4th Q comeback against the Rapts specifically looking for things-

    Didn't say consistently, just more common than up til now, which shouldn't be hard considering how horrific we've been on D.
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    Watched the 4th Q comeback against the Rapts specifically looking for things-

    Let’s see- three seven footers regularly playing together may make this a more common occurrence.
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    Watched the 4th Q comeback against the Rapts specifically looking for things-

    that might be unusual and non-sustainable over time. I just saw things that made sense for the players on court. Young bull attacking the basket succesfully. THT doing the same, making good dump offs to the bigs. 3 seven footers making life difficult inside, good rotations from the...
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    Walker Kessler Nickname

    "Lego" Kessler, because he's made out of blocks...
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    Walker Kessler Nickname

    I like that as a description of his blocks. Can already imagine Boler saying it.