1. John Crotty

    Rusillo, three scouts, and Embiid, Parker, Wiggins and Randle

    Embiid measured 7'1" with a 7'6" wingspan. Sounds like a true 7 footer to me.
  2. John Crotty

    My bid for Joel Embiid

    IMO he is basically Roy Hibbert with borderline Ibaka athleticism. I know the Ibaka comp is a stretch, but he really is a great great athlete for someone his size. Lets trade everyone we've got and play him at 1-5.
  3. John Crotty

    With the 5th pick the Utah Jazz select Noah Vonleh

    I wouldnt hate that. His PG never even attempted to get him involved so his situation was terrible. When we was allowed to have some free reign he played very well.
  4. John Crotty

    Trade the pick (Overrated Draft)

    I guess in theory your opinion doesn't suck ... but it does. It sucks hard.
  5. John Crotty

    Marcus Smart with the 5th pick

    Seriously OKState was terribleeeeee without him. The dudes a winner and a leader.
  6. John Crotty

    Following potential 2014 draftees

    Am I the only one that would be pretty happy with Smart at 5? Could likely guard 3 positions. Will be able to guard 1 and 2 very well. Needs to work on his shot but he will be able to get to the rim, will create a ton of turnovers, rebounds very will for his position. Kind of reminds me of Lance...
  7. John Crotty

    If we stay at 5, trade for another pick in the teens...

    5. Smart 15. TJ Warren 23. KJ Mcdaniel or GR3
  8. John Crotty

    Following potential 2014 draftees

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuu noooooo
  9. John Crotty

    What's Your 2014 Draft Big Board.

    Jazz 1st pick Wiggins Parker Smart Randle Vonleh Exum Embiid Gordon 23rd (depending on trade up or down etc ....) KJ MCdaniels TJ Warren PJ Hairston Cleanthony Early Glenn Robinson 3 Mitch McGary
  10. John Crotty

    Following potential 2014 draftees

    Randle/Vonleh/Gordon ..... just my opinion. I would say Vonleh first but he disappeared too often last year. I would like to attribute that to his PG that sucked but who really knows.
  11. John Crotty

    What's The Last Movie You’ve Seen?

    Blue Ruin - A slow burn bloody intense revenge film. It was a little slow at parts, but there is a ton of tension and buildup. Pretty good, but not great.
  12. John Crotty

    2014 Draft Combine

    Yeah, 2nd round would be ok.
  13. John Crotty

    2014 Draft Combine

    I like him also, but he's like 25 right?
  14. John Crotty

    Following potential 2014 draftees

    I have been saying he is more athletic than people give him credit for ....... for weeks ... so not along time but still.
  15. John Crotty

    Following potential 2014 draftees

    Jeez, he went from nobody, to lottery, to 2nd round, to lottery all in about 2 months. Must be tough on the kid.
  16. John Crotty

    2014 Draft Combine

    I like them both, Exum is not showing as well athletically as I had hoped. But he is tall, long, quick and just a better version of MCW who was rookie of the year. Smart is a winner, hes tough as hell, will be tough to stop in the NBA where he won't be getting mauled as much as he was in...
  17. John Crotty

    2014 Draft Combine

    In all honesty him being 230 makes me like him a lot more. That is a load to keep out of the paint for 90% of the PGs in the league.
  18. John Crotty

    2014 Draft Combine

    I'm talking straight physical attributes ... height is overrated ... standing reach is more important imo. Unless you are using the top of your head to do something on the court. .... Jumping obviously .... but having big hands and long arms can make life a lot lot easier for you.
  19. John Crotty

    2014 Draft Combine

    If you have ever played basketball before you know big hands and long arms are two of the best physical attributes to have.
  20. John Crotty

    Best shows on TV?

    Surviving Jack is pretty good for a primetime network sitcom .....