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  1. //r00t 4 Jazz

    Herro Rumors

    I jokingly said this elsewhere, besides going to MIA, Jrue could get traded to PHI, where he started his career and was traded away to NOP to start "The Process" of tanking.
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    Sexton Removes Jazz from Social Media (False)

    Well I will still need more, like what did those socials look like yesterday, I need a comparison. And then it would also be nice if you had a link to to the actual trade as proof, I mean that doesn't sound like too much to ask. Nah but feel bad as far as he has sorta been the unofficial face...
  3. //r00t 4 Jazz

    Thread for misc Jazz News leading up to training camp

    you know growing up I remember Cocker Spaniel's being way popular for the small medium sized dog owners, but don't see them much anymore. Corgi's and Yorkie's seem to be the popular small breed at least what I see in Utah.
  4. //r00t 4 Jazz

    The Jazz will open training camp in Hawaii this year

    You heard it! Trip to Hawaii on Fish, just PM Fish your deets
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    Utah Joining the Big 12 Conference in 2024

    I would say each fan base is coming from different perspectives and places. I would expect Y fans to feel very similar as Ute fans when they got the PAC12 invite. As a Ute fan, at first I wanted the PAC12 to stay together but once Oregon and WAS left for the B1G, I was then relieved that the U...
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    Colorado joining the Big 12 conference

    I have been avoiding this topic and a lot of stuff online just because I have been exhausted by everything including trash talk, which I love to do, usually in a fun hearten way, but it just became a lot. Which not you Fish, or most of the Y fans on this board, but we both know how toxic each...
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    Players bound for a big leap next year

    I was hoping Collins, I mean they were sitting by each other in some of the Summer League games
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    Should The Jazz Target Kevin Porter Jr?

    I'm just thinking out loud here but, to me if he's moved before the season, he seems like he'd be the "pot sweetener" in a bigger trade, likely a 3+ team trade, like if MIA was trying to get other teams to help them get Dame. For the Jazz I don't dislike the idea I'm just trying to think who's...
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    Juzang Samanic

    With the title of this thread, seems like the nickname for this duo is clearly Ju-Sammich
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    Game Thread Jul 10, 2022 08:00pm: Timberwolves Vs Jazz (Summer League)

    I hope they do not shut down KeyNote, to me you let him play, I think the "shut down" talk is mostly due to other players that have gotten shutdown, and their roles on their perspective teams or are 2nd year players which is fairly common practice if they show out. Reading through this, thread...
  11. //r00t 4 Jazz

    Game Thread Jul 08, 2022 08:00pm: Clippers Vs Jazz (Summer League)

    So, he's not. Prolly should've kept that to yourself.
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    Vernon Carey Jr Waived

    A quick Google search and at first I thought it said PHI signed Reed but guess it is just that they are still interested in trying to: Noah Levick @NoahLevick Montrezl Harrell is indeed returning to the Sixers on a one-year deal — confirming @wojespn. Signing doesn’t change the team’s desire...
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    Vernon Carey Jr Waived

    I had hopes he could be a back up 5, since his dad played OL on my team (the Phins). The timing to me suggests maybe the Jazz really didn't like him or he is getting a contract over seas for more then what the Jazz were paying.
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    Kessler to play for Team USA in the Fiba World Cup this summer

    Kessler is going to get Reaves to demand a trade to the Jazz, all part of the bigger plan.
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    Jazz Workout Tracker

    Rudy is still the shirtless king of interviews I'm way too lazy to go look for one of the interviews so your stuck with the first image Google found, with fellow eye candy (you're welcome Jazgal) Raul Neto.
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    Welcome to Utah, Cason Wallace

    Oh frckin' christ, I quit the internet today, yes. I had CLE on the brain for what I had said earlier, hell I know CLE drafted Kyrie that year with the #1 pick..... Or hell maybe not, I don't know anymore.... maybe the earth is flat, I'm tasting colors and seeing flavors.. I can't even be...
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    Welcome to Utah, Cason Wallace

    yeah I read it yesterday and was trying to find it but YES, I may have misread the part about it happening already, I was focused on Ryan Smith was who was in the "back room" for Utah and that like that tweet said, no cellphones, for very obvious reasons. Sorry for the confusion I may have...
  18. //r00t 4 Jazz

    Welcome to Utah, Cason Wallace

    I don't know how that works but I would believe so. I can try to find the link showing each team's representatives, however not sure it really says if they know or they just monitor the order of the numbers to make sure everything is on the "up and up"
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    Welcome to Utah, Cason Wallace

    Correct the ONLY time the Jazz have moved up is when it was the Cavs pick, so to answer your question, NO the Jazz' draft pick has never moved up, only stayed the same or moved back. So possibly a partial reason as to why Sexton was selected to represent the Jazz? Also for those about...
  20. //r00t 4 Jazz

    The Inevitable Dillon Brooks Thread

    I did wonder if the Heat or NYK might have interest. NYK more because of Tom Thibodeau, and his defensive minded attitude.