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  1. Hekate

    DEDEX returns

    Mavs needed a POA defender, good place for Exum. Hopefully, his form carries over to the NBA. Exum Island
  2. Hekate

    Knicks vs Cavs 1st Round Series (Mitchell Getting *** Whooped by Brunson Season 2)

    I see that nothing changed much in my absence. There is some comfort in that.
  3. Hekate

    Your Mount Rushmore for…

    The Wire Breaking Bad Rome Early Game of Thrones
  4. Hekate

    2022-2023 Western Conference Regular Season Prediction Contest

    1 PHX 2 MIN 3 DEN 4 LAC 5 GS 6 MEM 7 DAL 8 LAL 9 NO 10 POR 11 SAC 12 UTA 13 HOU 14 OKC 15 SA
  5. Hekate

    Where Do You Live? Inside Utah or Outside? (poll)

    It's different. The Turkish word for turkey is hindi after Hindistan which is what the Turks call India. I think the French call it after India as well.
  6. Hekate

    Where Do You Live? Inside Utah or Outside? (poll)

    Turkey. My elder brother was a huge Jordan fan so I asked him who they were playing against so I could pick them to spite him, didn't work out. Then I watched for Memo and loved him and AK47 and I became a Jazz fan.
  7. Hekate

    LAST TEN TEAMS - prediction preseason update.

    10. Knicks 9. Wizards 8. Pistons 7. Kings 6. Magic 5. Pacers 4. Thunder 3. Jazz 2. Rockets 1. Spurs
  8. Hekate

    Best shows on TV?

    Time compression is pretty much a necessity. Most of the valid complaints I have seen have been about the slow pace so it feels like an balancing act. It shows in some places too.
  9. Hekate

    Best shows on TV?

    Loving Rings of Power's pace. It's going to have 5 seasons so I am more than fine that the show is taking its time. Really felt burnt out by all those shows that fast forward from plot point to plot point. The show has its ups and downs but its ups are very Tolkienian and aside from the time...
  10. Hekate

    Bojan Bogdanovic appreciation thread

    I will miss that Balkan fire. Consistently high effort in the playoffs guarding Kawhi and Doncic. While it wasn't his strength, he did an admirable job and never complained. Deserved better than what Jazz became.
  11. Hekate

    Danny Ainge has Traded/Signed for Seven White Players

    The whole double-faced act of welcoming Ukrainian refugees while ******** on Palestinian or Syrian refugees is out there.
  12. Hekate

    Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

    Beauchamp would be my homer pick if we kept doing those. I really like him and Agbaji.
  13. Hekate

    Firewall blocking connection

    It's been fine since my last comment.
  14. Hekate

    Sign Jordan Clarkson to a lifetime contract!

    It was a question...
  15. Hekate

    Predict Our Starting Lineup

    Sexton Agbaji THT Markannen Kessler
  16. Hekate

    Woj: Don to the Cavs for Markkanen, Agbaji, Sexton, three unprotected 1sts, two swaps, and a partridge in a pear tree.

    Yeah, it's weird. I shoot well when I am kinda open but I am not a movement shooter at all but I was hitting step-backs and what not, lol. There is also the underdog mentality. There is no joy in beating an opponent down a guy but gotta kill them giants.
  17. Hekate

    Woj: Don to the Cavs for Markkanen, Agbaji, Sexton, three unprotected 1sts, two swaps, and a partridge in a pear tree.

    Whenever I am on the 4 side, I am smoking hot. I remember hitting 8 straight threes in without missing and finished the game with like 12 threes. But whenever I am on the 5 side, I play like the soul is sucked out of me.
  18. Hekate

    Firewall blocking connection

    It's back again.