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  1. Greasy84

    Game Thread Nov 19, 2023 06:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Suns

    To all the posters that say the play at the end was not a foul (I could go either way on it personally), I have an honest question. I'm genuinely curious. I'm fine if the NBA wants to say it's not a foul if you get the ball first and yada yada. But in your heart-of-hearts, if the tables were...
  2. Greasy84

    The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

    I always thought this play was a little suspicious. The way Brooks suddenly lunges into Mike Conley after he lands doesn't look natural to me. It doesn't look like he was falling. I think his momentum would have taken him a different direction. Plus, I'm not sure why he fell. Maybe he just has...
  3. Greasy84

    Game Thread Jan 18, 2023, 07:00PM MT: Clippers vs Jazz

    If the Clippers were at 100%, I would have expected us to give them a close game ... down to the wire. But as it stands, I'm expecting a really close game.
  4. Greasy84

    Lakers-Jazz Trade

    Glad I’m apart of the smart half.
  5. Greasy84

    Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

    Not to add additional pressure on the front office, but the next 12 hours most likely determines whether I even pay attention to the team next year. I've been mostly checked out since the Conley trade. They have a chance to put a compelling product on the floor again, but it would take a master...
  6. Greasy84

    Danny Ainge hired as CEO of basketball operations

    Ainge wouldn't be my first choice, but this is why I'm excited to have him. I'm excited for the trades that he will NOT make. And I'm excited for the contracts he will NOT offer to players. Right now, that's enough for me.
  7. Greasy84

    2020 NBA Draft Live Thread

    I hate our front office!! I really hate them!! A small market team can't squander draft picks. They are our life blood. Watch what Sam Presti is doing.
  8. Greasy84

    2020 NBA trade deadline discussion

    That is brilliant! Seriously, thanks for sharing that. I hope you don't mind me stealing it.
  9. Greasy84

    All time wasted NBA talents ?

    Tracy McGrady. Had special talent and athletic ability. Wasn't cut down in his prime by injuries. But never won a play-off series (not counting San Antonio where he was a non-factor).
  10. Greasy84

    Ranking the Clarkson trade

    We moved up 3 spots, no? The pick we traded became Martell Webster, not Chris Paul. Maybe I'm missing your point.
  11. Greasy84

    Jazz fan arrested for kidnapping woman for 25 days

    Some might consider this an overreaction, but I don't think it's harsh enough!! What kind of moron doesn't even know that they have internet in prison!!!??? The bar on this site is pretty low! It makes me so angry! This Yazzie guy is currently in the SL county jail, not prison. But still!! Come on!
  12. Greasy84

    Gordon Hayward broke his hand

    Gordon is going to be all right.
  13. Greasy84

    Reverse Pet Peeves

    The "not sports report" on 1280. I love it because I know FOR SURE that I can change the station without missing anything interesting. The entire afternoon show should be given the same name, if they're being honest. Listening to Gordon Monson sometimes is about as interesting as listening to my...
  14. Greasy84

    SLC Summer League Game 3: Jazz v. Spurs

    Wow! This thread has gotten off-topic. Based on the thread's title, shouldn't this be a place for whining about Dante Exum?
  15. Greasy84

    Conley Officially a Jazzman

    I'm out
  16. Greasy84

    News, rumors and buzz around the draft and free agency

    I thought free agent negotiations couldn't happen before June 30th. What are these "talks" that dissolved between Horford and the Celtics? Are the rules different if it's your own free agent? Or if you're the Celtics?
  17. Greasy84

    Stupid Pet Peeves

    Philips screws and daylight savings! Also, the use of the word "optics" as a metaphor to describe how the public perceives something, usually in political conversations. For example, "holding the board of directors meeting at a beach-front resort was bad optics". To me, optics are things like...
  18. Greasy84

    Grayson Allen 2nd Season

    On a semi-relevant note, does anyone remember the tv commercial with John Stockton and Frank Layden where Stockton played the piano? It was for some bank. Anyway, while John is playing a song, Frank says something like "I knew that kid had talent". I think it was still airing at the beginning of...
  19. Greasy84

    You're the GM this offseason. What do you do?

    ^^^ If I was GM, I would gather all the statistics I could get my hands on that show the effectiveness of 6'1" players after they hit 32. I'd factor that into my valuation for sure.
  20. Greasy84

    It's worth mentioning (regarding Celtics fans)

    I'm not trying to spread hate or be unsympathetic towards Hayward's plight. Just saying that 2 years ago the Celtics took him away for an insane amount of money and we got nothing. It really hurt and Celtics fans rubbed it in our faces relentlessly. Now, it looks like we got the better end of...