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    Mike Conley OUT vs Lakers

    He'll be stuck on Lebron and get be torched for a triple double...… no shame in that , but 6'4" O'Neale has been getting torched by all the good players (same no shame in that).O'Neale is just too small to have to guard Antetounkompo,Siakam, Lebron.
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    Utah Jazz vs Toronto Raptors Game Thread

    Quin Snyder likes unathletic high IQ players ...Toronto likes long athletic players …..you can see it all over the court
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    2019-2020 General NBA thread

    Dallas is big and bigger and looks to make a huge jump in the Western CONf.,..... Jazz and Portland are looking like they can be disappointments ! Jazz thought by adding offensive players they were going to make a big splash ...but now they can't score inside and like usual one of the most...
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    Rudy's comments

    I have no problem of Gobert wanting to get points down low when no one else can score in the paint. Jazz need points in the paint or they won't make the playoffs.They're gonna take a whipping from Milwaukee and Philly.
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    Rudy's comments

    Exum to Gobert will revive Gobert because he will have a PG actually trying to get him monstrous dunks and Gobert needs those. Exum to Gobert gets Exum on the floor and allows him to drive to the hoop. I don't give a hoot about Locke's anal ytics ,Jazz don't have anyone that wants to go...
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    Trade Joe Ingles and Dante Exum for.....

    I'm like Jazz management and don't want to see Exum leave with the smallest backcourt in the NBA in Utah. They need someone to guard the tall players who play guard who will undoubtedly torch DM and Conley on a nightly basis.....But I know at least on this board Exum is the most hated player...
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    Trade Joe Ingles and Dante Exum for.....

    Green is not more athletic ,he's so athletic he's become a gypsy playing with 6 teams in 5 seasons . Nobody wants him and his salary keeps dropping every year. Oni won't even play in the NBA this year....Ignorant
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    Trade Joe Ingles and Dante Exum for.....

    This is a Dante hate board and a trade with Orlando might be the most feasible because no one thinks Augustin means a competing team. Fanz here hate Exum while saying they love Jazz management that loves Exum . I support a trade of Exum and Ingles for Gordon because Gordon addressees...
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    Jazz vs. Bucks tonight

    A lot of David Locke's here tonight,lol
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    Jeff Green will be..

    After this year will be with his 7th team in 6 years...….SMH
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    Rank the Jazz's rivals in the Western Conference

    C'mon ,I love what Gobert brings but he avg 32 plus minutes that last 3 yrs and only avg 15 ppg. That's not much if your the opposite team averaging 110 ppg. they won 54 games last year as one of the youngest teams in the NBA and now are ready to unleash maybe the best rookie (6'10...
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    Rank the Jazz's rivals in the Western Conference

    LA Clippers Denver Houston Jazz Lakers GS Dallas Portland Jazz have nobody who can control or slowdown Kawhi or PG, both these guys can shred top defenses and put the clamps on opposing teams best players. Denver has the same crew back and maybe the best rookie this year. They finished...
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    A rotation prediction from Tony Jones.

    2nd units aren't noted for being loaded with 3 pt snipers ,in fact most 2nd units are ****. Exum and Mudiay can be very uptempo IF you don't have Snyder at halfcourt slowing them down. Add in O'Neale and you have 3 guys in the perimeter who can get after it.
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    Why we should hope Exum plays more PG than Mudiay ... and other passing stats

    Exum has always made Gobert reach up for passes than reach down for bounce pocket passes. Easier when Exum is 6'6 and him and Gobert are playing above the defenders in the passing game.
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    Westbrook to Houston for CP3

    Jazzfanz hate on Harden and Westbrook just skews their basketball sense to actually think 2 great players that are desperate to win an NBA championship can't play together when they have already done it and actually like each other. They will be the best guard tandem in the NBA easily and...
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    Westbrook to Houston for CP3

    So 2 out of the 3 most hated players on Jazzfanz are going to play together (Harden and Westbrook) .Houston is going to be very hard to stop. Houston has the best guard tandem in the NBA now and Clippers the best wing players in ( George and Leonard). Jazz guards are going to look pretty...
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    Neto is gone.

    Ben Anderson @BensHoops If Neto gets picked up, the Jazz can definitely piece together enough PG minutes between Conley, Mitchell, Exum and Ingles to get through the year if healthy. But with Conley and Exum that’s a big if. This is spot on ……..
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    Neto is gone.

    The Exum haters gonna be hating because Neto is a goner...…. but there's so many tall backcourts you have to have some height and length to guard them . Jazz are a small team ,totally relying on Gobert's defense to cover for the small guards and Ingles and Bogdanovic at the wings .
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    Favors traded to the Pelicans

    Wow awesome for Favors ,the premier youngest team in the NBA who might even fight for 8th spot in the Western Conference.
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    You're the GM this offseason. What do you do?

    PG ) Mike Conley 30 mpg , Exum 18 mpg SG) D Mitchell 32 mpg , Exum 10 mpg SF) J Ingles 28 mpg , R O'Neale 20 mpg PF ) J Randle 32 mpg ,G Niang 16mpg C) R Gobert 32 mpg , ????? Bradley 16 mpg Of course we have to let our beloved loyal soldier Favors go...…… but wow Jazz have the beginning of...