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    I say let’s all let this go. If there is a rift they will either work it out, or not. This is not a problem for fans on a message board to solve. The virus is a big deal. I think we can give everyone, especially those who actually have it, a little time to sort out their feelings about it and...
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    I suppose that is why Porzingis is still a Knick...
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    Donovan Mitchell tests positive for COVID-19

    Well, if other players were worried about the Coronavirus and Rudy was mocking their concerns by deliberately touching them and their things (like he did with reporters) then that is a different story. If he was just touching things going about his day to day life that is different. However...
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    Rudy has Covid 19

    Yeah, it’s hard to foresee how this will impact Gobert’s career, but it cannot be good. That stunt at the press conference was really stupid.
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    Our Long Term Problem is Our Stars are Limited

    That Warriors team was way more athletic than we are, and their comps are better than ours in every position except maybe Clarkson/Livingston.
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    The replacement needs to be..

    They just signed him to an extension. He is not going anywhere, and he is not the problem. For the last two years he has taken a team without an established star to the playoffs. The team’s best and really only offensive player had been a 13th pick rookie (then sophomore). He managed to get 50...
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    Jeff Green revenge game, 7 pm MST

    I’m not so sure about this. Rudy can be an unrestricted free agent in what is going to be another major off season. He is eligible for the super max from the Jazz but I doubt they offer him that. That may give him reason to look around. Plus, after spending the first three quarters of the...
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    Jeff Green revenge game, 7 pm MST

    There really is no mystery here. The Jazz are now 12-14 against teams with winning records. That is who we are. We can beat the bad teams (24-6), but are below average compared to good teams. The front office rebuilt a team by surrounding their two young stars with unathletic, one dimensional...
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    Finally - a Game (Spurs @ Jazz, 2/21/20 at 7:00pm MST)

    Agreed. The team was flat all of the first half (I turned it off after that), but that run did us in . You have to call a time-out to interrupt that.
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    What is Wrong with Donovan?

    9 turnovers is a lot... a lot, a lot...
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    Mitchell and gobert all stars officially.

    Well, neither player has looked like an All Star since it was announced. Donovan has made Craig look like an All Star, and Gobert made Whiteside look like an all star...
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    Jazz vs. depleted Nuggets

    The worst thing that happened to Mike Conley was getting injured just as the Jazz were starting a run against an insanely easy stretch of the schedule. Players like Niang, Mudiay, Bradley, and frankly Ingles (lately) look and play better against bad teams. It gave everyone the illusion that the...
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    2020 NBA trade deadline discussion

    hate to say it, but Ingles is the common denominator in some of those problem lineups... I know Ingles is literally untradeable because of his extension, and otherwise untradeable because he is the heart and soul of this team. That said, he has been really hit and miss this season and if we had...
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    Are we just not a very good team?

    I’m not sure we are very good. I would say we are above average. We have one of the more difficult remaining schedules in the league and the second most difficult (behind Denver) of potential western conference playoff teams. I have a feeling the rest of this season is going to be challenging.
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    Jazz @ Blazers 8:30 PM MT Game Thread

    The issue here is clearly on the defensive end. As many have pointed out we just don’t have enough good defenders on the team, and don’t really even have a good go-to 5 man lineup when we need defensive stops. I also worry about the fit with Ingles and Conley. I definitely agree that we need a...
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    The “I’m a Mike Conley hating bitch” list

    I do not want to be a Conley apologist, because there is no question he has not played anywhere near his potential/our expectation of him. However, benching him is not the answer. Use him or try to trade him. I am confident Conley can still play, and other teams feel the same. Maybe it’s...
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    Westbrook out and Harden doubtful vs. the Jazz

    The far bigger concern here is this: the Jazz cannot beat the Rockets. Their style of play neutralizes many of our team’s strengths. We have seen it the last few years and this game was no different. Their iso ball limits the impact of Gobert and requires our perimeter defenders to play smart 1...
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    Conley for Kuzma and Caruso?

    No. Salaries don’t match. Lakers would need to include Danny Green and KCP and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t trade those four players for Conley.
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    If Conley Opts Out

    Al Horford just opted out of a very similar contract last summer to sign with the 76ers. In a different summer he might opt out, especially if the rest of the year remains this bad. However, there are not many teams with money to spend next summer, so for that reason I think he opts in.
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    Conley could miss multiple weeks with hamstring injury

    I have it on good authority that there were legitimate conversations about this at the time. Obviously the Jazz didn’t end up doing it, but the two sides did talk.