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    Keyonte’s nickname ideas

    FREAKY / FreaKEY
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    Game Thread Nov 17, 2023 08:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Suns (Tournament)

    Both Durant and Lauri seemed surprised that Durant was not fouled to stop the clock and extend game with 3 sec left.
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    Game Thread Oct 08, 2023 07:00PM MT: Jazz at Clippers (Preseason)

    Anyone know where the Jazz stayed in Oahu? Was it Turtle Bay Resort?
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    Keyonte’s nickname ideas

    He should do a podcast with David Locke and call it Locke and Key.
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    If we were to hypothetically get Damian Lillard, what’s the follow-up move?

    Harden stays in Philly and Dame gets traded for Tyrese Maxey. Sixers have Big 3 of Dame, Harden and Embiid. Trailblazers don’t want Maxey and flip him to Utah for 3 firsts. Utah signs Maxey to a max extension.
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    2023 NBA Free Agency Thread

    Luka and Grant are friends and share same agent.
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    Jazz trade Damian Jones to Cavs

    Jazz freeing up money to be 3rd team in Portland-Miami trade???
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    Jazz trade for John Collins

    He was absorbed through their trade exception, so I think Rudy will probably be waived or bought out.
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    Jazz draft Keyonte George at 16

    Looks like Jordan Clarkson 2.0
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    Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

    Beasley for Dorian Finney-Smith
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    Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

    I assume they are trying to raise the trade value of the vets (Conley, Gay, etc) for the first 30 games and/or use best efforts to make sure that Utah is good enough for someone (Lauri or Clarkson) to be in the All Star game. Post All Star game, I assume Conley will be traded and/or “away from...
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    Trade Confirmed: Jazz get jack for Bogey

    Not sure it does at KO has more years on his deal. Neither is an expiring contract
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    Trade Confirmed: Jazz get jack for Bogey

    Why wouldn’t Utah at least got second round pick? Detroit had one from Portland they could have added from the Jerami Grant trade.
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    Extra Insight: Donovan's Power Move Destroyed the Lockeroom

    If only issue with Elliot was DM, then they would’ve kept Elliot but brought in another trainer to specifically only work with DM.
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    Center Options?

    It’s interesting to think how many 1st round pick Lindsey used on center after already having Gobert and didn’t get one that is more than a 3rd stringer.
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    Center Options?

    Boston already traded Theis
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    Center Options?

    They tried for Thomas Bryant but he signed with Lakers.
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    Could Hardy save the Mitchell & Gobert tandem?

    I wish Hardy was given a chance to see if he could make Gobert and Mitchell work!
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    Anything is Possible Now

    I’m thinking go for Ayton!!! Do a sign and trade and give Phoenix one of those Minnesota picks for their trouble.