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  1. Jack Strop


    So proud to have a president that has a kindergarten-level intelligence. Let's just hope his staff keeps him out of the White House kitchens so he doesn't touch those hot burners. And seriously, drinking bleach wasn't even the DUMBEST thing he said. How about his suggestion to let the sunlight...
  2. Jack Strop

    Choose Gobert or Donovan, you can't have both!

    Neither is the superstar that would lead the Jazz to a chip. Neither can take over a series and put the team on his back. We aren't talking about Stockton/Malone with either (and not even those two could bring a championship to the Jazz). Rudy is one-dimensional and has serious offensive flaws...
  3. Jack Strop

    Suggestions Needed - Parent on Hospice

    Sorry for your loss. I went through a similar experience with my father a few years ago. It's not easy. Sorry to hear you weren't close. I admire the compassion you've been able to feel for him at this point, though.
  4. Jack Strop

    Karl Malone Fever

    Damn, thought this was a new disease going round, spread via contact with scat.
  5. Jack Strop

    COVID-19 - How worried are you?

    I'm high risk: type-2 diabetes. So it's been nice knowing you all. Too bad the Jazz couldn't win one in my lifetime..
  6. Jack Strop

    My Quarantine

    I ain't quarantining. I got a date on Fri night. To hell with Corona....I'm willing to risk catching an STD (Socially Transmitted Disease). Actually, it's dinner and movies at her house. If you've got to quarantine, do it with someone you like.
  7. Jack Strop


    What about LA Chargers now that Rivers has left? Did Brady just hold off making his announcement until Rivers could make his exit. Brady and the missus seem ready for the glitz of Hollywood. If she has any say, and you know she does, I'm putting my $ on LA.
  8. Jack Strop


    I wore my yellows yesterday. Got several compliments. Hopefully 49'ers will win the SB. Need some new SF swag and will have occasion to wear the reds.
  9. Jack Strop

    Quotes from the Mavs' forums-"Gobert put on a defensive masterclass.Dude deserves to be an all star"

    Along with a million other bandwagon fans who are climbing out of the sewers to support the Lakers now that they're good again.
  10. Jack Strop

    Quotes from around the league on Gobert's clutch block

    Rudy with arguably the best defensive play of the year. Not only in terms of the actual play, but also the importance. And this is my choice for best post of the year.
  11. Jack Strop

    Utah Jazz former player updates-How are our bro's doing?!

    How is Dante doing? Is he a lock for the ASG? I know he's considered the best 3&D player in the league cuz of that defense against Harden and the 28 pt game. Now that he's free of the tyrannical madman of a coach who had him on a short leash, he must be thriving in Cleveland where W's don't matter.
  12. Jack Strop

    Cutting the cord

    League Pass for remainder of year for one team is $59.99. There's a free preview until Jan 26. I'll probably do the free preview, then select SF/Oak on my VPN. I think we only have 1 game against the W's. Of course, hehe would be a little cheaper for all teams.
  13. Jack Strop

    All time wasted NBA talents ?

    I imagine the same spacing problems we had with Favors. Except Derrick was able to play backup 5 and have the great P&R chemistry with Ingles. AK wanted touches; he wouldn't have those with Donovan hogging the ball. AK was just unable to accept his limitations - or work on improving them. It was...
  14. Jack Strop

    2020 NBA trade deadline discussion

    If only Conley would opt out...
  15. Jack Strop

    We got Jordan Clarkson for Dante Exum

    But there was that one time he scored 28 pts and that game he played such great defense against Harden. He's clearly an MVP 2-way candidate, if only coaches didn't keep him down.
  16. Jack Strop

    Royce O’Neale Contract Extension

    I think this summer is regarded as a weak free agency class, IINM. Royce could have received a stupid contract. I think it's a fair deal for the Jazz' best perimeter defender. I wish he would shoot a bit more, though. At the % he shoots 3's, he should be taking more of them.
  17. Jack Strop

    2020 NBA trade deadline discussion

    I think you are right, although I'm not sure Ed has any value. Jazz may need to buy him out. He's guaranteed for next year, right? I think the major move could come 1 yr from now. If Conley still doesn't "fit," he has a big expiring contract. And the Jazz will have their 1st round pick to...
  18. Jack Strop

    All time wasted NBA talents ?

    Robert Swift comes to mind, although he didn't play enough seasons.
  19. Jack Strop

    All time wasted NBA talents ?

    Ante Tomic
  20. Jack Strop

    Want To Win Some Money? Take The Knicks On Wednesday Night

    It's called load management cuz everyone just took a giant dump all over the Knicks (and their fans like MTJK). Just too bad Hood isn't still with the Jazz so it could have been a nice runny one to rub their noses in. I'm almost going to feel bad reading the comments. Knicks fans thought Durant...