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  1. Magic Spray

    This team needs a makeover
  2. Magic Spray

    (9-8) Kings @ (8-9) Jazz - Gamethread

    dyin' for zion
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    ****oblivious under-reaction thread****

    They're gonna be ok the season is only like 20% done and Jazz are only 4 spots out of the playoffs. Just gotta get our injured players back.
  4. Magic Spray

    Burks for Fultz?

    yeah let's get rid of an expiring contract for someone who can shoot it and is well-liked by everyone on the coaching staff and team for Markelle Fultz who forgot how to free throw and has been mentally destroyed.
  5. Magic Spray

    Stephen A claims Hayward IS Boston's problem.

    Nationally, everybody wants to talk about Hayward like he was this incredible monster player before his injury. The truth is that while he was probably the most important player for the Jazz the last 2 years he was here, it took him 7 years in an incubator to develop into a one-time...
  6. Magic Spray

    Quotes from Celtics forums-"Crowder taking a huge dump on the Celtics and this board."

    No Boston fans, that's exactly who he is.
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    The Return -- Celtics @ Jazz 11/9/2019 7:30 pm MST ESPN

    the Blameward foetus made KOC choose Raul Lopez over Tony Parker.
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    The Return -- Celtics @ Jazz 11/9/2019 7:30 pm MST ESPN

    Get out of my seats! These are our seats! [motions to entire arena] THESE ARE ALL MY ****ING SEATS!
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    Signs for Celtics game

    Thank you, Haywood clap clap clapclapclap
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    Signs for Celtics game

    Will never happen but the ultimate would be just dead silence when he's introduced. Everybody just standing there with crossed.
  11. Magic Spray

    Signs for Celtics game

    Who exactly is this sign dissing? We should all be so lucky as to be plowed by Gobert.
  12. Magic Spray


    I'd rather lose against Jonas 4 times in a season than try to win every game with him. Dude being gone frees up minutes for Gorgeous Georges, Jae Crowder, and Grayson Allen. In before "Grayson and Jonas play different positions DURRRRRRRRRR" IDGAF
  13. Magic Spray

    Quotes from the Rockets-"God damn Mitchell can finish"

    This is an all-timer up there with "Joe Ingles looks like he just got back from a war."
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    Jazz VS Rockets Game Thread

    He truly was the pasty gangsta
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    Jazz VS Rockets Game Thread

  16. Magic Spray

    If you could bring back any former Jazz player

    I would bring back @infection for tha game threads.
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    Official UofU homer thread

    I had to abstain from taking the sacrament today because last night's game was pornography.
  18. Magic Spray

    Jazz Bear FIRED

    are we really going to hold a bear to the same standard that we hold a human being?
  19. Magic Spray

    The Jazz are going to get slaughtered by GSW

    TIL: Their starting center is an all-star Also, "slaughter" and "laughter" are way too similar.