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  1. txjazzfan

    Where Do You Live? Inside Utah or Outside? (poll)

    Dallas/Fort Worth area for a long time but now I live in Temple/Belton.
  2. txjazzfan

    Where Do You Live? Inside Utah or Outside? (poll)

    I grew up in Idaho. Parents live in SLC. I have lived in Texas since ‘91.
  3. txjazzfan

    Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

    And then we hire Adrian Griffin as our coach? ‍
  4. txjazzfan

    Do You Jazz Fans Like Any Other NBA Teams?

    I get your point. I pretty much have always been a Jazz fan but since I don't live in Utah I watch and support the Mavs. That is unless they are playing the Jazz. Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz mobile app
  5. txjazzfan

    Do You Jazz Fans Like Any Other NBA Teams?

    Big Mavericks fan and keep up with them since I live in Dallas. But I'm a much bigger Jazz fan though. Enjoyed the last OT win over the Mavs recently. Sent from my iPhone using JazzFanz mobile app
  6. txjazzfan

    Where are Jazz supporters located geographically?

    Dallas, Texas
  7. txjazzfan

    Corbin disrespect Kanter

    No, I didn't read your post. We may have been posting at the same time. Yes, I understand about earning playing time. These guys have not been getting a lot the minutes in the past when they had Jefferson and Millsap in front of them. In a year when we aren't gonna make the playoffs you need...
  8. txjazzfan

    Corbin disrespect Kanter

    I'm not gonna say that Kanter is good or bad, but this is the year to see if these draft picks can play and have a future with the Jazz. Let them play through mistakes and struggles and then evaluate at the end of the year.
  9. txjazzfan

    How did you become a Jazz fan?

    I moved to Idaho from Texas when I was 2. I was introduced to the NBA in the mid 70's and started liking the Spurs (liked George Gervin), the 76'ers (liked Dr. J), and then also liked the Lakers (80's with Magic, Worthy, etc...). When I graduated from HS in the late 80's, my parents moved to...
  10. txjazzfan

    Why Hayward?

    Okay ... I can understand both sides of the argument about Hayward but why in the world are we giving any credibility to what Jay Bilas has to say?
  11. txjazzfan

    New Orleans wants JAZZ name back

    Thats some interesting logic. So does that mean at the end of the day, the joke is also on the Los Angeles Lakers because they have been representing Minnesota on their jersey for the last 51 years?
  12. txjazzfan

    New Orleans wants JAZZ name back

    Utah Jazz official colors - Navy, Dark Green, Dark Yellow, Gray Mardi Gras colors - Purple, Green, Gold
  13. txjazzfan

    Is there any good Jazz radio I can access on the internet?

    go to: You have your pick of several stations to listen to the pre-game, the game, and post-game
  14. txjazzfan

    levels of fandom

    Born in Texas, grew up in Boise, now have lived in Dallas for the past 15 years. Been a Cowboys fan all my life, through the good and bad. Unfortunately a lot of bad lately
  15. txjazzfan

    levels of fandom

    1. Dallas Cowboys 2a. Utah Jazz 2b. Dallas Mavericks 3a. Boise State Football 3b. University of Nebraska Football 4a. Los Angeles Dodgers 4b. Texas Rangers 5. University of Arizona Basketball 6. Dallas Stars Hockey
  16. txjazzfan

    Getting CP3 and Granger

    I had this argument with a guy here in Dallas when the Mavericks traded Harris for Jason Kidd. He argued for the past few years that Dallas would regret this trade. Well, he changed his tune a couple of weeks ago and admitted he was wrong. In my opinion, Harris is a decent PG that might be...
  17. txjazzfan

    The Lakers are DONE!!

    Odom's foul wasn't "horrible" compared to Bynum's but by definition, it was a Flagrant 2. NBA rules state that a Flagrant 2 is "unnecessary and excessive contact. This usually has a swinging motion, hard contact, and a follow through." That fits what Odom did regardless of whether it was as...
  18. txjazzfan

    What Changes Do You Hope Ty Implements Next Year

    1. How is this Corbin's fault? I think this involves new players trying to adjust to a new team. Injuries have also contributed to this. 2. Totally agree. Overall defense needs to improve. 3. Experimenting with lineups and putting players in various positions is exactly what we should be...
  19. txjazzfan

    Gordon Hayward can not Score in the NBA

    I have been impressed with Hayward so far. He looked a lot more comfortable in today's game. It is kinda hard to tell a lot about what any of the guards and wings can do because the freakin point guards we have out there have blinders on and jack up everything. It will be nice to see what he...
  20. txjazzfan

    Trade Idea with Golden State

    How has he been slipping in the lottery. He has been projected anywhere between 5-7 in mock drafts for months now and that hasn't changed. And as far as Coleman is concerned, he averaged 16.5 ppg and 9.3 rpg for his career and had several 20-10 years in his career.