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    Offseason Plan + Lauri Thread
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    Offseason Plan + Lauri Thread

    I wouldn't expect nothing from Coyotes in NHL next season if i was you. Coyotes have been biggest laughing stock and joke of entire NHL last 26-28 years. They are stuck in rebuild limbo but they have drafted well last years in NHL so there is some hope for Coyotes but how seriously you can say...
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    Offseason Plan + Lauri Thread

    Plain and simple. If Jazz management wants to maxime all possible odds and chances to get TOP3 lottery pick 2025 and 2026 NBA drafts that requires hard and heavy tanking. And to make that happen means Jazz have to get rid Collins, Clarkson, Sexton and Lauri at least. Trading Walker Kessler...
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    Offseason Plan + Lauri Thread

    I have a feeling before OKC starts making big trades to get their 2nd and 3rd stars and pair them with SGA Presti wants to first watch and see how far OKC makes this years NBA playoffs. Of course salary cap and cap space are huge factors in possible Lauri trade. Lauri hasn't ever played even 70...
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    Offseason Plan + Lauri Thread What Ainge and Zanik should do. Extend him Keep him at least next season. Trade him during the...
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    Should we go full rebuild?

    If Ainge and Zanik have a feeling they have wasted already 2 good years from Lauri being mediocre group of individuals who cannot advance to play in games and even tank right-way then they should pull the trigger and blow whole current roster and keep only Sensabaugh, Hendricks, George and...
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    Lauri Markkanen Hype & Appreciation Thread
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    Should we go full rebuild?

    Yes Jazz should go full and REAL rebuild. This fake rebuild joke should be stopped immediately when season is over and all games are played and rightfully so. Trade Clarkson, Markkanen, Sexton, and Dunn for picks and give yourself best possible odds to draft Cooper Flagg 2025 and one of the...
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    Lauri Markkanen Hype & Appreciation Thread Nice try pacers.
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    Potential Trade Targets

    I would try something like this. PG Ball ( Lamelo ), Keyonte, Dunn SG Giddey , Sexton , Sensabaugh SF Avdija, Fontecchio, Fournier PF Markkanen, Hendricks, Samanic C Kessler, Porzingis, Yurtseven,
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    Game Thread Jan 01, 2024 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Mavericks

    Can someone tell me why in the hell Lauri is playing PF when he's been SF whole ****ing season starting from last year. And why Fontecchio is SF is Hardy's plan frustrate Lauri and destroy his allstar staus or what's ''the beef'' on that brain fart. Lauri is your teams only allstar so let him...
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    Game Thread Dec 30, 2023 03:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Heat

    Can Hardy drag Lauri clothes on in cold shower and WAKE HIM UP. 5 points 5 rebounds 1 assist 1 steal absolutely pathetic to allstar player.
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    sick of being treated like the nba's step child

    How and where Jazz can find their ''franchise talents'' in trade market and who they are? If you want franchise talent you have to draft and develop it because championship winning players rarely are available in trades and UFA market.
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    Trade ideas What do you like?
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    sick of being treated like the nba's step child

    I have to agree with this. Lauri's possible trade to OKC or anywhere-else will open more minutes for Hendricks and that's good for him. To me this jazz ''rebuild'' is not a real rebuild it is more a retool. So why not Jazz won't go real rebuild especially now when they are stuck on mediocrity...
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    Trade ideas

    What if OKC includes one of Cason wallace / Alex Pokusevski? to trade offer from Lauri?
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    Trade ideas

    Maybe one reason why OKC hasn't yet went all in to get Lauri is Josh Giddey's off the court case which is PR issue ( read media problem ) for OKC. I think OKC wants first to know is Giddey a guilty or not and what's trade market for him to get rid of his contract. Lauri's zero experience of NBA...
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    Game Thread Dec 23, 2023 05:30PM MT: Jazz at Raptors

    Without Lauri's 16 points Jazz would be getting brutal ***-kicking for Raptors. This team do not have any-kind future with this current core and roster. Jazz aren't going nowhere without huge and massive changes on the roster. Trade rumors are getting wild on Lauri and something will happen if...
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    Trade ideas

    Crazy idea and i don't know is that even possible. How much Raptors would ask about Barnes in possible trade. Barnes seems to be really good player who can score etc He would be very good / really good help for Lauri. If i was Danny Ainge's shoes i would absolutely target on Barnes and trade...
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    The trade winds are a'blowin'...

    He's from ESPN and sports illustraded. But if / when those Lauri trade rumors are really true then it is more no smoke without fire than something click-ho speculation.