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  1. Jazzinho

    The Big Ken Lofton Watch Thread

    Preston to Lofton is the new Stockton to Malone.
  2. Jazzinho

    The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

    Usually that's not how corrupt gamblers make money, not with the outcome of the game itself. With the exponential growth of online gambling in the past years the type of thing you can gamble on is ridiculous. You can bet which team or player will foul first, or foul out, which team will get the...
  3. Jazzinho

    Jackpotting Around Podcast: Episode 8 - To Convey Or Not To Convey and Let’s Start A Discussion About Collin Sexton

    This. We all like to play the arm chair GMs but sometimes it's good to be just a fan that appreciates the players putting the effort night in and night out. But right now I'm pissed he's hurting the tank.
  4. Jazzinho

    Go sign Aleksej Pokuševski

    "I can fix her"
  5. Jazzinho

    The mystery man Tony Jones was talking about

    For some reason I tought about Kuzma. The fit would be bad. Giddey, maybe?
  6. Jazzinho

    Podcast Questions

    Will the Jazz pull the trigger if a Super Star comes available? What are the organizations restrictions on these transactions? Eg. Needs to fit Lauri (timeline or talent wise). Or " wants" to be in Utah long term (delusion). Or looking for a superstar that fits Hardy System(no ballhog or at...
  7. Jazzinho

    Will we ever win a ring?

    As Utah Jazz? I don't think so. We will win after relocating, 100 years from now. Maybe 100 years from now NBA become global and Jazz can relocate somewhere in Africa.
  8. Jazzinho

    Do you want our pick to convey this year?

    23-24 draft Jazz will have 9th pick again. 24-25 Jazz will trade for no1 option super star 24-25 Thunder will draft 29th pick via Jazz
  9. Jazzinho

    FIBA Stuff

    Brazilian KD too good for Canada stacked roster
  10. Jazzinho

    FIBA Stuff

    Refs helping Canada as much as they can vs Brazil
  11. Jazzinho

    Summer League Thread

    Happy to see my fellow countryman Gui Santos do well in this years summer league. It would be cool to see him get some chances come regular season. I kinda wishwd he would get traded somewhere esle for development sake.
  12. Jazzinho

    Utah Jazz Sign Assistant Coach Rick Higgins

    Harden to Utah confirmed. Jk
  13. Jazzinho

    The Jazz Killer Has Retired

    Will Melo transition to an Analyst or coach role soon? Please don't retire this troll account.
  14. Jazzinho

    World Cup 2023

    Raul Neto and Bruno Caboclo likely to play for Brazil.
  15. Jazzinho

    Do The Spurs Surpass The Jazz in Victor's Rookie Year?

    The guys is going to be great. But give him some time. 1st year he'll spend on his body and adapting. Unless the Jazz trades for tank before the season, they should be better. Chip on the rookie deal? Depends on what supporting cast Suprs will be able to get and how the rest of the teams in the...
  16. Jazzinho

    Tucker Carlson Booted From Fox News

    As a foreign who immigrated to US 3 years ago, I've always had a hard time consuming news here. Most of the outlets, at least the bigger ones tends to be polarized and heavily biased towards one side or the other. From a political, economic and social point of view, my current preferences are...
  17. Jazzinho

    2023 NBA Playoffs Discussion Thread

    Agree with your point. Warriors deserved to lose, and probably would have lost even with neutral referring. But 80% of the time I've tuned in to see a Lakers game this season, they got the friendly whistle.
  18. Jazzinho

    2023 NBA Playoffs Discussion Thread

    It's how the refs threat contact on Lakers offense and Lakers defense. They play good defense, and can be very physical, never get called for much. In the end of the 2nd Q, refs called 3 ou 4 really questionable fouls for the Lakers that led to FT's and a 13-0 run.