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    Sign and Trade Hayward to Boston?

    Also with a sign and trade, will Boston need to clear enough cap space to give Hayward a max or can they go over?
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    Sign and Trade Hayward to Boston?

    I don't take zeller!! if we're are going to help Boston get Hayward the most money and open enough cap space. We start with Brown and if they won't give brown, I want a minimum of Bradley/Crowder in a s&t.
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    The "If Hayward Leaves" Planning Thread

    I'd throw a max at Otto Porter Jr., give Hill a 4 year deal, partial non guaranteed 4th year (105 million with 90 million guaranteed) thought Hill played better with no Hayward. Honestly move Burks for cap space. Resign Ingles -no more then 4 years 60 million. And call it a summer! Let our...
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    Boston vs Utah for Hayward

    After next season, Boston will have to resign Thomas, Bradley, Smart... I could see smart leaving but Thomas will get 25-35 million a year? Bradley 18-25 million a year? Mix that in with a maxed out Hayward 33 million a year, maxed out Hortford, who will be 32 making almost 30 million a year...
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    Rumor: Jazz and DeMarcus Cousins

    Id offer Favors/burks and either the Gs pick or the okc pick for Cousins. Cousins although a headache is a legit All Star and would make an amazing 1st option. I just like the idea of Cousins next to Gobert!! Hill/Hood/Hayward could get some amazing looks! I think it a gamble but could...
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    Stein: Utah is telling teams Hayward is unavailable.

    The ESPN article also states other teams are going after Hayward. Said that Phx have the 4th & 13th pick have been trying to get the Jazz to budge. If Jazz could get Knight/4th pick in a trade for Hayward I think I gamble and then draft the best avble Sf of the future. I love the idea, Exum...
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    Jazz 2017 Salary Cap Issues - Forcing Trades this Draft??

    I listened to it aswell but I wanted to ask him... Why not move Hayward? Let's move Hood/12th for 3. But why not move Hayward for 3&16 or 3& rotation player. Seems to make more sense to me?
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    Gordon Hayward trade.

    So Danny Ainge said that he wants to get a rim protector and that ownership wants to speed up there rebuild. Could Utah be the team to help them get that done? Favors for the # 3 pick? Or Favors/Hayward for Bostons 3rd, 16th pick this year and then another 3 1st from Bkn/memphis? Just...
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    Honestly, I'd rather add Nik Batum, Chandler Parsons, heck even Rudy Gay before big Al. Plus, I think big Al still gets a huge contract next year.
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    Trade idea, Hayward to the Suns

    I would love for that trade to happen. Utah adds opens up the rest of Haywards cap space next year, adds depth in 4th, 12th, 13th. Plus they go after a sf this year in F.A. ( James, Durrant, Jonas, Ryan Anderson, Parsons, Batum) Get it done, DL!
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    Trade idea, Hayward to the Suns

    If we've got the 4th, 12th,13th pick, plus Bledsoe or knight. I'd keep the picks and let DL go to work. We would have a ton of cheap contracts for the next few years, allowing us to extend our core Exum, Hood, Gorbert, while keeping Favors, Burks, Bledsoe. I'd love to see what DL would do...
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    Trade idea, Hayward to the Suns

    I've read a lot about people wanting to trade Hayward to Boston but what about Hayward to Phx for the # 4 pick and 13th pick? Would Phx just laugh? Would Utah want to make it a bigger trade? knight? Bledsoe? Just wanted to see what ya'll thought?
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    Awesome Trade.

    I might be the only one but I think you could get the 24, 27 pick and a few of there 2nd's for the 12th pick. On this deal I say no!! I bet Burke alone could get you a late first. ish smith, issac cannon.... trey burke might be an upgrade on the 76ers. I'd never sale short your own assets...
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    Looking at the offseason

    Honestly, I think the Jazz our deep at 2,3,4,5 with Exum being a huge question mark. I think that they go hard after a Point Guard and make Exum earn it. Seriously, theirs nothing wrong with making Exum try and out play Conley or teague to get his playing time. Also, with that being said I...
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    Looking at the offseason

    If I'm Utah, I try and add Teague for t. Burkes/Pliess/Lotto pick/G.s pick. Then look to add R.Gay for Burks/2nd rounder. Then look to add Mirza Teletovic for some deepth. Jazz roation: Teague, Hood, Hayward, Favors, Gorbert Exum, Gay, Lyles, Mirza, Withley Mack, Nato, Ingles and then some...
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    Looking at the offseason

    Honestly, I'd love the addition of Rudy Gay. I don't know what it would take but he'd be a perfect backup 3/4. Or just for some kicks and giggles....Melo/Calderon to the Jazz for Burke, Burks, our Lotto pick, g.s. 1st, okc 1st.
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    Trade Deadline

    Maybe it could be Lawson & T. Jones for Burke/Booker/Pless?
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    Trade Deadline

    Tiago Splitter is having season ending surgery...maybe it might help Jazz get Teague if we threw in a big like Withey? Withey, Burks, Buke & g.s. 1st for Teague / Korver?
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    Jody Sez We Will Be Active

    Maybe even crazier but Bulls are over the cap....So what about Noah for Booker? Would allow to get a defensive player of the year (like 2-3 years) while the Bulls save a ton of money.
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    Jody Sez We Will Be Active

    Maybe Lyles / Booker for Gallenari?