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    Carlos Arroyo - musical artist

    I remember in the 90s you'd get beaten up for listening to music where the artist sounds like a robot. Now it's crazy that it's the pop norm. No one liked pitch shifting when it was first utilized but it still took off anyways
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    2019 NBA draft day thread

    "Underwhelming draft" Days after we just made the most seismic trade of the the league of the summer What the hell were you all expecting? Trade Neto and cash for a top first rounder? This was a halftime for the Jazz's offseason, the draft wasn't where things are going to happen
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    Strange ESPN video where I think I'm hearing things (Conley trade) The video that plays on the article at the top. Literally two seconds in. What does Jalen Rose say while the woman cohost goes through the specifics? Tell me what you think you hear, and then watch...
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    Gamethread: Sacramento Kings @ Utah Jazz. 7pm MST

    LOL @ 44 seconds when the PA says Donovan 3
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    Utah Jazz guard Dante Exum has suffered a partially torn patellar tendon in his right knee and is si

    Yes Exum and Rubio for Conley in a heart beat, but I don't think that was ever considered the deal...
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    Utah Jazz guard Dante Exum has suffered a partially torn patellar tendon in his right knee and is si

    I'm still happy we didn't give up Favors + Rubio + Exum for Conley.
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    Jazz vs The Gift Horse Nugget

    Do you have the URL in your history? Possible I can find it (you know, for science)
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    Robyn Haywad reaffirms what many have suspected

    Tells Garbo to get off a streaming game with Dr Disrespect (a pretty popular streamer) A little bit before the clip she's heard saying "I'm watching him play video games. How pathetic is my life" ... he makes 30 million a year off of people that sit down to watch him play basketball...
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    Spurs' quotes-"Rudy Gobert destroying LA so painful to watch"

    Spurs fans are always the saltiest
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    Game #29--The Decidedly Average Jazz host the Miami Heat. 7pm Mtn.

    This season sucks because the Jazz are just as bi-polar as the fanbase these days. No enjoyment in watching either of the shows from a moment to moment basis
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    Gamethread: Indiana Pacers @ Utah Jazz. 7PM MST

    It always seem cyclical with this team. We have an OK year, and then we would bring in a 'Steve Novak' or something of that nature and it never pans out. In this case, we did the opposite and it has looked worse off. I actually see the team doing something irritating like bringing up GLeaguers...
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    Game 14: Jazz @ Mavericks 6:30 MT

    This is a black eye how ever you slice it; Either they quit, or they gave up
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    ***Hysterical overreaction thread***

    Can't seem to hit layups apparently, however
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    Stephen A claims Hayward IS Boston's problem.

    ESPN with the low key wet willy Hayward troll
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    Any interest in Dragan Bender next summer?

    No no a thousand times no. I saw him at Vegas summer league and I do believe he looked like the lowest ball IQ on the court. He was forcing and clanking shots. Thats not to say he may draw interest from bottom-dweller teams that want to experiment with a stretch 4 to park out on the corner 3...
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    Jazz Bear FIRED

    I still don't follow. A company would be sued for firing someone based on age. I would think they would be reshuffled into a different position in the organization until retirement.
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    Jazz Bear FIRED

    You can't fire someone for being too old
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    2018-2019 NBA Season

    I think that Lebron is actually mature enough to not sweat this season much. I think the media and Laker fans are going to have a come apart if they aren't top 3 all season