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    Official Thread: 2024 Draft JazzFanz Homer List

    Kel'el "Respect the Block" Ware Blocks shots Can hit the three Solid on defense
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    The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

    Boston has 12 turnovers and Dallas only has 6. But more impressive is how Dallas is killing them on the boards.
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    2024 NBA Draft Mega Thread

    In the room the walls are covered with carpet, a console television is perched on a wheeled cart for all to watch The Draft and they serve the players Faygo soda and Totino's Party Pizza.
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    2024 NBA Draft Mega Thread

    As long as Buzeles is drafted by the 9th pick there will likely be someone I'm fine with at 10. I'm also good with trading down but of course this all depends on whom the front office likes. I wouldn't mind Salaun and if the Jazz FO think he can play SF as well as PF I would be sold - he can...
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    Which name do you prefer for our team?

    The Utah Jackpotters The Utah Headbands The Utah Pillow Forts
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    Who do you want the Jazz to draft if they stay at #10? (Poll)

    If Knecht is there at 10 I would like him. If not, Dillingham or Holland would be cool and to a lesser degree, Williams.
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    The development of what Jazz players are you going to watch in 2024-25?

    I went with: -Keyonte -Hendricks -Bazley - I think he can be a solid rotation player as he can actually defend
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    Sign Dunn. And I have interest in these guys if the price is right: Tyler Herro Anfernee Simons Zach Lavine Cam Johnson Tobias Harris CJ McCollum Keldon Johnson ----------------------- Guys to throw money at: Maxey - let's make the 76ers pay out the *** if they want to keep him Anunoby...
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    Former Jazz players you like

    Pretty much everyone except for Haywood. I went with Ingles, Forrest and Burks.
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    The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

    The Wolves played like crap and still almost won. This series is wild and I'm going to definitely keep watching; I think the Wolves will steal a game in Dallas. I don't care who wins the chip this season as long as it isn't Boston.
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    2024 NBA Draft Mega Thread

    If Dillingham lasted until 10 I would be amazed and esthetic. I wouldn't be mad about Tyson either but at 32 there are a few guys I would prefer over Jones.
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    The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

    I'm diggin' the Eastern Conference Finals this season. Should be a fun match-up. Wolves and Mavs will be good also though I expect the Wolves to win that series.
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    The official: The OKC Thunder shop is open!

    If we extended Lauri first we could get a Donovan-like haul.
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    The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

    The WCF is going to be fun no matter who plays The Mavs. I expect Boston to be in the Finals but in the West it's anyone's guess.
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    The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

    I'm rooting for Dallas as well. Nico Harrison has done a good job of giving Luka a solid supporting cast; it wasn't long ago when the team was bleak and Luka was getting frustrated. Sam Presti is great as well - it's cool seeing some change in the West and I hope we're in the mix sooner rather...
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    The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

    Mavs can end the series at home in six games. If not, I'm down with these other game sevens. These playoffs are awesome (though it was disappointing seeing the Celtics dismantle Cleveland so easily).
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    2024 NBA Draft Mega Thread

    I'm wondering if there will be a Lively-like player in this draft who rockets up the board and is a huge surprise. It'd be nice if one went top-9 so someone could perhaps fall to us. I think Holland could be there at 10 and there's a chance someone will fall like Knecht or less likely...
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    2024 NBA Draft Mega Thread

    I lived in COMO for two years (2020-2022) and still have a property there. It's a cool town. A bunch of people told me Michael Porter Jr. is a super nice guy.
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    Lottery-ball z

    **** Atlanta and **** Houston.