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    Does Lauri Get Traded?

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    Jazz select Isaiah Collier at pick 29

    Watching his highlights I'm most impressed by his change of pace, he moves like he is on skates...looks like he can sprint half the court in about three strides. His passing also looks nice, sharp and imaginative.
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    NHL Draft and Lottery

    His father was a great player, very competitive. That era was basically the last time I watched hockey.
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    2024 NBA Draft Reaction Thread

    T They could do with more huge soccer franchise involvement off the back of that, like there is in Spain. Maybe PSG will become involved. The leagues with the strong multi-sports clubs tend to be strongest.
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    2024 NBA Draft Reaction Thread

    Going on social media to talk **** is probably the most significant event of their lives too, an opportunity they couldn't miss.
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    Jazz select Kyle Filipowski at pick 32

    She has those crazy eyes.
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    2024 NBA Draft Reaction Thread

    So we have Young Bull and Younger Bull?
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    Jackpotting Around Podcast: Episode 13 - Listener Mailbag Edition

    Kind of glad it wasn't just me that had sound issues. I came to post firstly how much I'm enjoying the podcast, but also about the disparity in volume. I listen to this mostly when I'm driving and I turned up the volume for Chad at the start, then when Art spoke it was like the voice of Odin...
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    The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

    The guy couldn't have done anything else, and he's 39.
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    If KAT becomes available should Jazz be interested?

    I'm generally against it as I'd hope for a bigger star trade, but that's probably just blind hope. I get the impression he's not a mentally strong player. But it's true putting him with Lauri and maybe Keyonte (?) would give you potentially three 20+ ppg options in the same 5. It all depends on...
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    Who should the Jazz bring back next year?

    Similar thoughts to others. Dunn for the right price, Yurtseven, Juzang, and Lof-ton is interesting as a unique project. I'd like to have seen more of Preston but it's hard to justify his spot at the salary range he'll be.
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    Game Thread Apr 14, 2024 01:30PM MT: Jazz at Warriors

    Going to plan so far. Keep leaving Klay open for 5 seconds to shoot 3s.
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    2024 NBA Draft Mega Thread

    I'd be interested to see how many times in history we've jumped lottery picks (or dropped).
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    Gabriele Procida watch thread

    Knee injury. Berlin haven't specified details but he was out "for several weeks" since beginning of March.
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    Gabriele Procida watch thread

    Are you comparing him to 21 year old Fontecchio or 25-26 year old version?
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    The Big Ken Lofton Watch Thread

    It's like trying to stop an Australian freight train once he gets moving.
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    The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

    GSW narrowed the gap to 52, solid work.
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    2024 NBA Draft Mega Thread