1. Xsy

    Minute distribution between Lyles, Booker, and Pleiß?

    Assuming Favors and Gobert are averaging 30-35mpg, how many minutes are left for the other three big guys? Last season, post-ASB Trevor Booker was getting around 20mpg, and was basically the only big guy we had coming off the bench. You know, aside from a few special guest appearances from...
  2. Xsy

    The results are in! Jazzfans 2013 Forum Awards Results

    Welcome one and all, to the 2013 JazzFanz Award ceremony! First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for the delay. I wanted to do this the right way and do a big photoshopped finale, but time restraints are keeping me from doing it. So instead of sitting on the results and waiting...
  3. Xsy

    2013 JazzFanz Forum Awards

  4. Xsy

    Breaking Out

    Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, Enes Kanter, and Alec Burks are going to get some major minutes for the first time in their careers. All at once. When's the last time a team got four lotto picks in two seasons, benched them for two, three years, then unleashed them all at once? I feel...
  5. Xsy

    Anyone think the Jazz aren't playing DeMarre so they can re-sign him on the cheap?

    Kind of a dick move on their part, if that's the case. But I'll take it.
  6. Xsy

    Utah needs to pull a Toronto and start booing until our bench comes in.

    Make it happen, SLC area people!
  7. Xsy

    I'm kind of bummed Kevin Murphy didn't continue our streak of pick #47 steals.

    I mean, I know I shouldn't have expected anything from him, but still. It was exciting having Millsap and Williams on the same roster, both previous 47 picks by the Jazz, and then making another pick at #47. I see nothing valuable in Murphy, which is really too bad. Seems like a great guy.
  8. Xsy

    So we all know the Eastern conference is terrible-- but how does that benefit us?

    The Western conference has a staggering 168-119 record against Leastern conference teams. This is nothing new-- the Eastern conference has been awful for years now. It's gotten to the point where I'm more comfortable when Utah plays the 8th seed Eastern Conference team than I am when Utah plays...
  9. Xsy

    We've officially played more games without Mo Williams than with Mo Williams.

    We've played 25 games without Mo, 24 with. The Jazz are 16-9 in games without Mo Williams, 11-13 in games with Mo Williams. It's weird. We've seen him on the court, and we know he's better than Jamaal or Watson, but the record looks like it says something else. What do you think? Was it...
  10. Xsy

    Game 45 - Rockets at Jazz 7:00 MST, Root Sports

  11. Xsy

    Welp. Made it on tv.

    I don't think they exactly understood our signs. Bahahaha.
  12. Xsy

    Best off-night of the season?

    Memphis, Denver, Houston, and Portland all lost tonight. Golden State is currently down 26 points halfway in the fourth quarter against the Heat. Utah jumped from 9th in the standings, to 7th. And all without playing a game! Need more nights like this.
  13. Xsy

    The Next 20 Games

    This is it, guys. 15 of the next 20 games are all at home. This is the best stretch of the season for our team to make a run, and maybe pass a team or two in the rankings. How do you think we do? Current record so far: 11-5 Mon 14 vs Miami Sat 19 vs Cleveland Wed 23 vs Washington...
  14. Xsy

    Jefferson named among ESPN's Top 5 Overrated Rebounders

    Just a snippet of Neil Paine's insider article. (That's the rule, right? Snippets of insider articles are okay, just as long as we don't post the whole thing?) I don't know how Jefferson does it, but he just makes everything worse. Other names mentioned in the article include Asik...
  15. Xsy

    Root Sports to only air 4 preseason games.

    Fri 12 @ LAL Tue 16 @ LAC Wed 17 vs LAC Mon 22 vs POR Needless to say, I'm kind of pissed they're only showing four games. I swear they announced that every Jazz game would be broadcast earlier this summer.
  16. Xsy

    How old is everyone here?

    Just so I know what I'm up against. ;) I'm 24. How old/young am I here?
  17. Xsy

    ITT, I briefly post my absurd opinion on every Utah Jazz player.

    ITT, I briefly post my absurd opinion on every Utah Jazz player. (Updated 8/9) The offseason is getting to me, guys. It's getting to me bad. I need a fix. "Why don't you just watch the Olympics, Xsy?" Well, JazzFanz, its because its too damn hard to root for Carmelo, Kobe, and...
  18. Xsy

    Is Live Topic an option with these boards?

    You know what I'm talking about, right? You're on the last page of a topic, someone posts while you're reading, and their post instantly shows up at the bottom of the page, no refresh required. I know vBulletin has a Live Topic feature. Have you looked into updating?
  19. Xsy

    What's JazzFanz's stance on Marriage Equality?

    I'll post my opinion eventually. If you know me well enough, you should know my stance already. I just wanna hear some opinions before I state mine.
  20. Xsy

    When will the Jazz learn how to play on the road?

    Our road record this last season was sort of atrocious. Okay, it wasn't 'sort of' atrocious, it was downright atrocious. Not only was Utah the worst road team in the playoffs, but there were five non-playoff teams who were better on the road than we were. Phoenix, Milwaukee, Minnesota...