1. David Stern

    Was this season a success?

    It feels like most of what I'm seeing on social media makes me think that our fanbase considers this season a success. I'm curious to know how this board feels about the 2018/2019 season. While this season definitely wasn't a disaster, bringing back basically the same team and only winning one...
  2. David Stern

    Favors deserves to close games

    MAYBE they're just trying to keep him fresh for the playoffs by keeping his minutes down.... but Favors has just been killing it lately. He's shooting a career high, is dominating 4th quarters, and has got to be our 2nd best scorer right now. I want to see Quin bench Ricky, and try a closing...
  3. David Stern

    Utah Jazz @ Portland Bushwhackers, 8:30PM Mountain on ESPN

    It's been a while since I've done one of these, but what the hell. Tonight we take on one of the weirdest-nicknamed teams in the NBA with the chance to win the season series and potential playoff tiebreaker. We all know that Portland is a strange place, full of runners and Nike apparel, but...
  4. David Stern

    What do you do with Rubio long-term?

    Unfortunately we haven't seen PG Mitchell against very many good teams, but he's coming off the best 5 game stretch of his career. I'd like to see this experiment continue, so I'd try starting Dante off-ball and bringing Ricky off the bench so that Donovan gets more PG experience. Ricky has been...
  5. David Stern

    Nike Jazz Apparel 25% off today

    Lids.com is doing a 25% off and free shipping sale on orders of $25 or more today. Since this stuff has rarely been on sale so far, I figured you guys would be interested. I bought this: https://www.lids.com/utah-jazz-donovan-mitchell-nike-nba-mens-icon-player-t-shirt/20983663...
  6. David Stern

    Is Ingles Jesus?

    I mean the dude literally helped a blind kid see again... so it makes sense to me. Props to Joe for being my dad and one of the most likable guys in the NBA.
  7. David Stern

    The Official Go Get Kawhi Thread

    Somebody had to make it. We need a third star. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/22533719/kawhi-leonard-san-antonio-spurs-likely-season-gregg-popovich-says This situation is getting really weird. It definitely looks like from the outside that he doesn't want to be there. Hopefully he'll...
  8. David Stern

    2018 Utah Jazz Mid-Season Hype Video

    It's the All-Star break and I made a video on YouTube that I will share with you guys. It's the ASB and we have nothing to talk about, so here you go: Now here's some quick questions you may have, and the accompanying answers: Are you hyping your own video? Yes. What if I don't like the...
  9. David Stern

    What does Dante get in Free Agency?

    It will be interesting to see how these answers change when he's actually back and playing... but I'm going to guess that there are not going to be any teams out there that are bidding against the Jazz for a player that has missed essentially 1/2 of his career, and been underwhelming for the...
  10. David Stern

    .500 never felt so good. How many games do we win the rest of the season?

    Last I checked, ESPN had us going 43-39. Here's the breakdown of the remaining schedule: 16 Home Games/10 road games 13 Playoff teams/13 non-playoff teams (as of today) 5 games vs. East/21 vs. West How do you see the rest of the season playing out? I'm going to say we go 17-9, putting us...
  11. David Stern

    Rodney Hood Appreciation Thread

    I feel this deserves its own thread. Hood was picked in the 20s of a draft that is showing to be very average, and all everyone wants to do is crucify him. We all know drafting in that range is difficult, but he's developed into at worst an average starter/sixth man off the bench. He's done...
  12. David Stern

    Fat Boris Sighting in SLC

    Just in case you've been living under a rock, Boris was in attendance at the game on Wednesday (Jan 3rd). Since this is the internet and we tend to overreact to everything, I figured this was a perfect place to ask these earth-shattering questions: Is he not with his french team anymore...
  13. David Stern

    2017-2018 Season: A HUGE Success.

    I'm going to go on record and say it, no matter if the Jazz lose every game from here on out, this season is a HUGE success for the following reasons: 1 - Donovan Mitchell. This goes without saying, but we found our superstar. I'm a huge Eagles fan, and watching Wentz play last year, I felt...
  14. David Stern

    Does Donovan have a chance to be an All-Star this year?

    I mean, look at the guy's numbers... he was 9 ppg in October, 18 ppg in November, and 31 ppg so far in December. While I don't think that he can keep up the 31 ppg number, I don't think it's insane to see him averaging 21-22 ppg for the rest of the season. If he averages 21 per game for the...
  15. David Stern

    Is Favors in the long-term plans at this point?

    Props to D-Faves for absolutely balling out since Gobert went down, he's helped immensely. I know the board majority felt that he needed to be traded before Rudy's injury, I'm wondering with his play of late if that opinion has changed? How would Favors react to being brought off the bench as...
  16. David Stern

    The Official Pray for DL to get a trade exception thread

    While our possibilities for getting Jae may be over, the hope of getting a trade exception from Boston are still very much alive. Here's why it SHOULD happen: Why for Boston: we give them a 2nd rounder and they literally have to give up nothing. Win for them, we all know how much Danny loves...
  17. David Stern

    Nuggets interested in George Hill if they can dump Faried/Arthur

    881740336116137984 https://twitter.com/KevinOConnorNBA/status/881740336116137984 Any chance the Jazz are interested in a sign and trade? Faried could be a really good option coming off the bench, and insurance in case Favors leaves/gets hurt again.
  18. David Stern

    "The Jazz are bound to shoot [Milos] Teodosic an offer sheet."

    864518674622722050 https://twitter.com/davidjsmith1232/status/864518674622722050 https://www.netsdaily.com/2017/5/16/15647140/milos-teodosic-looking-for-25-30-million-over-three-says-david-pick?utm_campaign=netsdaily&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter Supposedly a 3...
  19. David Stern

    Our Utah Jazz @ the San Antonio Rabid Bat Murderers 4/2, 1:30 PM Mountain on ABC

    A national TV audience gets the opportunity to marvel at the power of Fat Boris as he returns to the place that he singlehandedly make into a great franchise, the San Antonio Bat Murderers. To this point, our sacrifices to him and our churro overlords have been accepted, but we must take things...