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    2020 Presidential election

    Looking at Europe's recent numbers they are just as big a mess. Read today that the virus has mutated to circumvent all traditional methods of social containment. Masks, social distancing, hand washing, etc.
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    Tough Day To Be In Law Enforcement

    Well, Louisville is going to burn tonight. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/09/23/grand-jury-indicts-louisville-cop-in-death-of-breonna-taylor.html
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    They do the Macarena?
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    Stupid Pet Peeves

    People that name big breeds Hercules.
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    Where is that pitbull thread when I need it?

    Right here. https://jazzfanz.com/threads/where-is-that-pit-bull-thread-when-i-need-it.19978/
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    Coronavirus in China

    Hmmm... coincides with school starting 2 weeks ago.
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    Stupid Pet Peeves

    I want to punch people in the face when I see them in the grocery store with their dog. **** your insecurities and emotional issues. Dogs do not belong in grocery stores!!
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    Stupid Pet Peeves

    OK, this post made my day!
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    The I can’t believe I’m sharing this idea with jazzfanz: my stupid trade idea?

    Your intellect is truly dizzying.
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    Military Service and Ultimate Sacrifice

    Both my dad and FIL were in the army. Not by choice, drafted. My FIL was in the Korean war and my dad in Vietnam. My FIL passed away a couple of years ago but he definitely had PTSD. On Sundays when everybody would come to dinner it was a well know that if he fell asleep after dinner you did...
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    Tough Day To Be In Law Enforcement

    You're an alt-right hack.
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    The Batman

    Wasn't terribly excited when they announced the actor playing Batman but this actually looks pretty good. It is supposed to be Bruce Wayne's 2nd year as Batman so very unpolished and crude. Riddler, Catwoman and Penguin all are not what they eventually become. Apparently they shut down shooting...
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    Is COVID killing people

    Skynet became sentient.
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    Is COVID killing people

    August 29th, 1997
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    Game Thread August 30, 2020: Nuggets at Jazz - Game 6

    Denver has never come back from down 3-1. Leave it to the Jazz to make that happen.
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    Have you experienced COVID?

    This is a stupid, lazy poll. Feels like one of the idiot, on line polls you take to see if you are really in love or what Norse god you are.
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    Tough Day To Be In Law Enforcement

    Que more riots.
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    Coronavirus in China

    I saw a fruit bat sexing itself up at Hogle zoo once. Standing there with my kids looking at them hanging upside down and all of a sudden one gets a hard on and starts sucking itself. "Dad, what is it doing?" Definitely one of the more awkward moments of my life.
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    Coronavirus in China

    Ozzy's bat wasn't from China...