1. QuinSnydersHair

    Following potential 2015 draftees

    If we didn't need offense so bad, I'd be down with bringing Neto over as our backup. Maybe we could package Burke, Burks and some picks for something legit...move up for Russell??? Exum-Neto Russell-Ingles Hayward-Hood Favors-Booker Gobert-Pleiss Not sure I like that squad. At all.
  2. QuinSnydersHair

    Block Brothers

    You can't be serious??? Jesus. #blockbrigade You get rid of the brother but keep the alliteration.
  3. QuinSnydersHair

    OKC Kanter: 15.8/10.2/2.2 FG 57%

    I doubt OKC is re-signing him so we win moreso.
  4. QuinSnydersHair

    Without Kanter

    I really want to see if we can go til the end of the season holding opponents to under 90 on average. That would be 29 games without Kanter if my math is right. And if we can go that long holding teams to under 90 on average, wow, just wow. Memphis is first this year at 95.7. The Bulls were...
  5. QuinSnydersHair

    JazzFanz Hall of Fame

    I think this would be fun to do. Have a HOF vote once a year. Up to 10 nominees with no more than five gaining entry...or maybe three or something...the people voting should be the mods though imo...maybe some additional people too like YB and so forth. Some good names have been mentioned...
  6. QuinSnydersHair

    Following potential 2015 draftees

    Woops, yeah I obviously mean Burks. That's my bad. What's more embarrassing though is the fact that you're even debating who would come off the bench, Wes or Burks. Jesus.
  7. QuinSnydersHair

    We're Drafting Herzonja!

    I miss freak's old BK avatar.
  8. QuinSnydersHair

    Following potential 2015 draftees

    I think 4 years/60M for Wes is worth it. It's not going to be ridiculously high once the cap shoots up next summer and thereafter. It's also not the max yet it's enough that Portland may not match. He would be a ridiculous upgrade over what we've had at the 2 all year long and if Exum took a...
  9. QuinSnydersHair

    RIP Anthony Mason

    Was he brother's with Jay Fielder? I forget, didn't Fiedler's parents adopt Mason years ago? Or were they just very, very close friends and family?
  10. QuinSnydersHair

    Tentative Gameface Poker Revival...sometime in April

    PM me your address GF. Actually email it to jersey3234@gmail.com. My account should be deactivated any time now by Jason.
  11. QuinSnydersHair

    Without Kanter

    4-1 82.8 points allowed per game.
  12. QuinSnydersHair

    Following potential 2015 draftees

    I want nothing to do with Winslow. Nothing.
  13. QuinSnydersHair

    College Basketball '14-15......

    So Winslow had a "good game" last night and for me, it was wildly unimpressive. Just sort of goes through the motions some.
  14. QuinSnydersHair

    Account Deactivation Prevention Thread

    Deactivating my account. Thanks for the inspiration, Kinkkk.
  15. QuinSnydersHair

    Reggie Miller on Enes Kanter

    add wins our Psychopath of the Month Award.
  16. QuinSnydersHair

    Rudy Gobert - 2015/2016 Defensive Player Of The Year Push

    Lebron. No one's mentioned Lebron. Which is poor form.
  17. QuinSnydersHair

    College Basketball '14-15......

    Homeless folk.
  18. QuinSnydersHair

    Rudy Gobert - 2015/2016 Defensive Player Of The Year Push

    Agreed. This is a tangent, but the more I look at our team, the more I think I want to trade down in the draft (and pick up another 2016 or 2017 unprotected 1st) in the process and draft Justin Alexander from UVA. In what is s slow and deliberate offense, I love his stats. 13.4 points on...