1. Otis Day

    I thought we got rid of Andrei

    What is it about Gordon Kirilenko that makes me cringe half the time? When he shoots the ball I have no confidence he will make it. When he drives I'm sure he will lose the ball. He does make some nice off the ball blocks and seems to be a better one on one defender than he gets credit for...
  2. Otis Day

    We don't have to chose

    Who knew..... https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/03/nba-mock-draft-2011-version-20_n_870565.html#s286541&title=Cleveland_Cavaliers_ Utah Jazz -- Enes Kanter, Kentucky 3 of 31 Teams are growing increasingly fond of Kanter, and his diverse skill-set. Paul Millsap and Al...