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    Giannis DPOY

    Just announced on TNT and honestly well deserved. Just happy it didn't go to AD
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    Looks like we lost the draft tie breaker.....

    Welp, great job beating the Spurs though
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    Floater Problem....

    We've got a MAJOR problem with falling in love with this abysmal shot and there's no end in sight. Just heard on Locke's podcast that DM and Mike are leading the league in floater shot attempts and they're shooting 39% and 35% on those attempts. There's obviously a lot of room to improve across...
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    We signed Emmanuel Mudiay

    Woj again There’s our Exum insurance I guess
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    We signed Jeff Green

    per Woj 1 year / 2.5 mil
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    Jazz Bear FIRED

    https://www.sltrib.com/sports/2018/10/19/utah-jazz-fire-their/ I remember I was in the arena the game he was introduced. I was like 10 at the time. ****** news, but I would imagine after almost 25 years he must've done something quite foolish.
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    40 Seasons....

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    SI Top 100 Players (100-31 so far)

    https://www.si.com/nba/2018/09/10/top-100-nba-players-2019-lebron-james-stephen-curry-dirk-nowitzki?utm_source=twitter.com&xid=socialflow_twitter_si&utm_campaign=sinow&utm_medium=social&utm_source=reddit.com Jazz players so far: -Ricky 57 -Ingles 56 -Favors 51
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    2018-2019 Schedule Discussion Thread...

    Didn't see any threads talking about the rest of our upcoming season schedule so thought I'd kind of get a general one going. Some new info today. Looks like we'll have an early national game against the Warriors at home on Oct. 19th I think so far we have confirmed: 10/19: GSW (home opener)...
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    Cowherd basically rips Jazz.....

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    Donovan Mitchell is the next Rose, Wall, Westbrook... -Cowherd

    Says Donovan won't be successful cause he can't shoot, then goes on to say this is why Tatum / Simmons will be better.....
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    POLL: Less than 2 days left, what do you think will happen?

    With the recent surge in play I'm starting to lean towards nothing will happen.
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    Utah Jazz DISRESPECT 2017 Offseason Compilation Thread

    Today begins what I'm calling media obscurity. Last year had an intriguing team that played well and made some nice national noise and yesterday us and Gordon were certainly the talk of the NBA world. Following Gordon's decision we will now be forgotten about as a team by the national media. The...
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    Let us send the power of the Churro to the Kings....

    Oh mighty Churro we call upon you. We pray to you bestow your powers to the Kings of Sacramento in our time of need.....
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    Will we have at least 1 game this season with a full, healthy, and active roster?

    Do you think we'll have at least 1 game this season where everyone is active and able to play?
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    Something that would help avoid some of these collapses.... FORCE SOME TURNOVERS

    Watching a lot of these games coming down the stretch we've clearly struggled to execute and being able to maintain our leads. Obviously having Hill helps avoid maybe all of these late game collapses against poor teams, but one thing I noticed also watching them is that we seem to really not be...
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    OT: Tim Duncan Retires

    Even though it's OT regarding Jazz discussions I think it's big enough NBA news to warrant being on by far the most active board on this site https://www.nba.com/spurs/tim-duncan-announces-retirement
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    Animated Power Ranking GIF (TIMELINE OF THE WHOLE SEASON)

    I saw this on RealGM and thought it was cool. Don't know what power ranking site the GIF was created from, but it's pretty cool nonetheless We ranged from 9-22
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    We need to channel our inner-Corbin this offseason....

    We need to bring back some of that good old Corbin mentality for this offseason: WE NEED VETS While Corbin obviously defaulted too much to the vets, this team went too far the other direction to ZERO vets. No one on this team, including the coaching staff, really knows how to win at all...