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    Clarkson vs. Burks

    In the Jazz / Blazers game thread there was some discussion of Clarkson and whether he gives us anything better than Burks did. Their career stats are somewhat similar and they both can be chuckers and iso players. It was kind of an interesting point and yet they feel different to me so in the...
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    Couple of interesting articles on Conley

    https://www.ksl.com/article/46669188 As Mike Conley watched the film of the Utah Jazz’s last two losses to the Kings and Clippers, he saw some things he wasn’t too proud of. Mainly, how he had allowed his man to get into the paint for rebounds. He wasn’t the only culprit — far from it — but he...
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    Jazz vs. Bucks tonight

    Gobert and Ingles are being rested. Mudiay and Exum are out. Unleash the Conley and Mitchell! And I guess we'll get a chance to evaluate Tony Bradley against an actual NBA team.
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    Nice piece on Bojan

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    Minor gripe here -- shouldn't Locke know how to pronounce players names?

    Last couple days when I've heard Locke mention Miye Oni he has been pronouncing it "Meeyuh Ohnay". That didn't sound right so I looked it up. "Meeyay Ohnee" just like I thought it was supposed to be.
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    Portland’s Championship Hopes Begin with Rodney Hood and Kent Bazemore

    ok then... (actually the article is more realistic than the title seems like it would be) http://www.basketballinsiders.com/portlands-championship-hopes-begin-with-rodney-hood-and-kent-bazemore/
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    Joe Ingles article about his wife

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    Please post media day links, videos, articles here

    If that's ok with people, it might be helpful. Especially since the RSS feeds seem to be fading away.
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    By the way, what's the story with the Jazz Newz feed?

    It seems like either the site list has been trimmed down a lot or it's just not picking up articles that are out there. I can understand not picking up subscription stuff -- which includes sltrib stuff now -- but I will see stuff on Deseret News or KSL or elsewhere that doesn't show up here...
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    Preseason broadcasts

    According to this -- https://www.nba.com/jazz/schedule -- four of the five preseason games will be televised. We're 11 days away from that first broadcast.
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    Count down to media day -- player highlights

    Thirteen days to media day. Fifteen guys on the main roster. Should be able to find decent highlights for thirteen of them. (I know you guys can hardly wait for Tony Bradley day.) Might as well start with new guys. Today is Jeff Green day. Not to be confused with "Green Day". Jeff Green...
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    Gobert's offensive impact against team USA

    I thought the discussion and gifs of Rudy's offensive impact in this article was interesting. And it got me more excited for how the Jazz can similarly take advantage now that we have more shooters...
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    Players coming into town?

    The other day I heard someone say that after Labor Day the Jazz players not busy with FIBA would start coming into SLC to get ready for training camp. Can't remember if it was Locke who said it or if I heard it on Spence Checketts' show where he was talking with Quin Snyder. Haven't heard...
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    FIBA competition system

    Those who really care probably already know this but here's a description of how many games are played, how the winners and losers move forward, and what games they end up playing in. https://www.fiba.basketball/basketballworldcup/2019/competition-system
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    'Let's go do something special': Mike Conley Jr. is ready to start a new chapter with the Utah Jazz

    https://www.nba.com/jazz/news/lets-go-do-something-special-mike-conley-jr-ready-start-new-chapter-utah-jazz?cid=jazz_natsocial_Twitter_conleyfeature_20190708 Sounds like a really great guy to have on the team. The whole article is pretty good.
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    Jazz acquire...Adam Sandler?

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    Someone made a short compilation of officiating from the raptors game

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    Rudy fined 15k

    https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900045068/utah-jazz-center-rudy-gobert-fined-for-criticizing-officials-after-loss-to-miami-heat.html Hopefully it pays off. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    What's going on with Ingles?

    Ok, let me first state I'm not actually worried about Joe. He's awesome. It's just that after a blistering start to the season he's cooled off a lot the last few games. For those of you who are good at the details of what is going on defensively, any thoughts? My view is that defenses are...
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    Interesting article about new ACL reconstruction technique

    It's about a football player but should be just as promising for NBA players. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900036545/byu-te-moroni-laulu-pututau-undergoes-groundbreaking-acl-surgical-procedure-that-should-quicken-his-return-to-football.html