1. sahlensguy

    Question for the church going crowd

    Should they remain open? Mine is and I think they are making the wrong choice and it kind of pisses me off. When the entire community and basically the world is sacrificing and shutting down to save the health care system and the lives of many, some churches remain open. Seems like a...
  2. sahlensguy

    Poll: Should the Lindsey/Vanik experiment come to an end?

    Let them go. They've been given their shot imo. Please vote.
  3. sahlensguy

    This is why I'll never miss Grayson Allen

    Will never be respected by refs, and can never be counted on in key moments. Ejected after 2 flagrants, tech.
  4. sahlensguy

    "Going, going, gone..."

    Lol https://www.cnn.com/style/article/banksy-painting-self-destructs-auction-trnd/
  5. sahlensguy

    Joe and Jae pregame

    Shows what an amazing glue guy Ingles is. Jae is barely into it and seems a bit detached from the joy of the rest of the team. Joe really brings him around though the interview culminating with "Gordon wouldn't talk back. I knew he would". Long interview but I found it worthwhile. We need Jae to...
  6. sahlensguy

    Donald J Trump Utah National Parks Highway

    What a bunch of smoodges. Why should this political favor even be constitutional while he is still in office? https://www.google.com/amp/amp.washi...-clears-hurdl/ "Some Republican lawmakers in Utah are so pleased with President Trump’s decision to shrink two Utah national monuments that...
  7. sahlensguy

    Donovan was in attendance for "The Decision"

    Not that that stuff stays with and influences kids or anything... http://uproxx.com/dimemag/donovan-mitchell-lebron-james-the-decision/ "LeBron James‘ decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers in free agency and sign with the Miami Heat in 2010 is one of the most notable sports stories of the...
  8. sahlensguy

    Woman gets jail time for baptizing child

    "A North Carolina woman was jailed Friday after baptizing her daughter, violating a court order stemming from acustody battle. The custody battle included a disagreement over the terms of their daughter’s baptism, according to local news station WSOC-TV. The court order stated that the father...
  9. sahlensguy

    "Shut up and dribble"

    "Must they run their mouths like that?" Ingraham said." https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nba/2018/02/16/fox-laura-ingraham-tells-lebron-james-kevin-durant-shut-up-and-dribble/344393002/ Thouroughly disgusting.
  10. sahlensguy

    Jae vs Rod

    Shooting last two games Hood - .524 .500 .0 14.5 Crowder - .409 .500 .833 14.5 Not to mention Jae's assists (Rodney has none), rebound advantage and defense. Plus Jae has a seemingly tougher new system to fit into. Not missing a beat.
  11. sahlensguy

    Jazz fan wakes from anesthesia and cries about trading Hood

  12. sahlensguy

    Anybody hear Peter Vecsey today on 1280 The Zone?

    He's no fan of Corbin that's for sure, and said he's #1 on his list of needed Jazz off-season moves. "Its like he never played in the league" was in reference to his rotations by the clock. "How about rotating players because of the game?". It was a pretty epic interview.
  13. sahlensguy

    Favors dunks the postgame

    He nailed it. "we fought hard to get here...we have nothing to ashamed of" Sorry no link. But spoken like a true leader. He didn't hang his head. Dude is the future.
  14. sahlensguy

    One final time: paging prodigy

    How about one last video of Hayward's season ending night? It's going to be a long summer. Thanks in advance. :cool:
  15. sahlensguy

    Corbin NOT a straight shooter

    and we need shooters... So after he benches Big Al he throws up this air ball: Yeah, no kidding. Obviously though the glaring big steamer in the room is that the rooks have deserved floor time over Bell and Miles since Corbin took the job. Corbin's first coach/player spat = fail.
  16. sahlensguy

    Now that we have a youth movement...

    ...do you wish Jerry was still here?
  17. sahlensguy

    Props to KOC!!!

    I just wanted to say that. And Greg Miller, what a class organization. It's paying off on the court.