1. Xsy

    For Jazz ,4 team race (Portland,Houston,Dallas,Utah) 3 make it

    I think it was 2010, the Thunder were a young, up and coming team. They took two games from the first seeded Lakers, and since that moment, the general public wouldn't stop suckin' the Thunder's dicks. Utah won't win against the Warriors or Spurs, but if they can put up a good enough fight...
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    OFFICIAL Postseason race thread *Sticky*

    To be fair, if one team deserves good health for once, it's the ****in' Blazers. The rest of their schedule is tough as ****, though, so I'm sure we'll be ahead of them in no time.
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    My apologies to Trey Lyles

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    Trey Lyles Career-high 16 points --- HIGHLIGHTS!!

    Trey Lyles is the silver lining of the Derrick Favors back injury. I don't see him growing as quickly if Derrick wasn't missing so much time. I really hope Utah's still able to make it to the playoffs, but if we don't, it's nice that a lot of development time was given to Neto and Lyles, and...
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    Does Hayward Play Tonight and Tomorrow

    Hopefully it makes him perform better.
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    I always bring the strong gay overtones here.
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    Yep. You've served me. At Benja's. I think I served you once too.
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    I'm rockin' a beard lately. Mostly because I'm lazy. Also, I feel like I've met OP before in real life. I can't figure out where though.
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    Lyles is really growing on me. At this point, I'm much more comfortable when he's on the floor over Booker. It's crazy how much more comfortable and confident Lyles has gotten compared to the start of the season. He can, and likely will become that stretch 4 that Dennis has always been...
  10. Xsy

    Is Derrick Favors the best player on this team?

    Right now, I'd say yes. He's been the leading scorer in 5 of our 10 games, and was sick for 3 of them. Really, though, I feel like we'll have a different "best player" on the team every few weeks. I'm sure there will be stretches where Hayward is the best, where Burks is the best, where...
  11. Xsy

    What happened to Gobert???

    Something has to be going on in his personal life or something, because he really just doesn't seem like himself. Regular Rudy will be back eventually. Let's just hope it's in time for the regular season.
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    Moderator opening

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    Utah Jazz Vs L.A. Lakers Oct.4th at 7pm

    I saw that. Not only is the time wrong, the day is wrong as well. Next game is Tuesday at 10PM. 10AM in Utah would be 6AM in Hawaii.
  14. Xsy

    Utah Jazz Vs L.A. Lakers Oct.4th at 7pm

    I've been tempering my Neto expectations long enough. I'm climbing on the Raul hype train, and howling along the way.
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    Enes Kanter: offseason focused on defense, improved leg strength and lateral movement

    Stop while you're ahead. Mods here don't understand that baiting is a thing.
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    Will Favors finally make the athletick leap?

    I don't think Favors will ever have a stereotypical 'leap' or 'breakout' season. He just gets incrementally better and better. It's why he's so underrated.
  17. Xsy

    Minute distribution between Lyles, Booker, and Pleiß?

    Assuming Favors and Gobert are averaging 30-35mpg, how many minutes are left for the other three big guys? Last season, post-ASB Trevor Booker was getting around 20mpg, and was basically the only big guy we had coming off the bench. You know, aside from a few special guest appearances from...
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    Video Game Music

    I beat this game a few weeks ago, and I'm still going through RPG withdrawals. I didn't end up playin' this one until I was at least 24. Such a good game.
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    Video Game Music

    I'm a sucker for video game music. Y'all should play Ori and the Blind Forest. One of the prettiest games I've ever seen/heard.