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    Job Opening

    with the Clips. With a new coach might also come some player movement.
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    Willie Reed

    has signed with Buducnost in Hungry. There goes our backup big.
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    Billy D Pink Slipped

    First round playoff exit. Is Quin's seat getting warm?
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    Jeff Frickin' Green

    22 points, 6 boards and +28 tonight vs OKC. Anyone having seller's remorse?
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    Potential Free Agent Option?

    This is a guy that was drafted right after the Jazz drafted Oliver Hanlan. He played 127 games for the Pacers with meh stats. He is slightly undersized at 6'2" and was Pac 12 player of the year his senior year hitting game winning shots vs Washington and Arizona State...
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    GLeaguers Shining in Orlando

    A former Jazzman mentioned in this article: https://www.ridiculousupside.com/2020/8/8/21359981/four-g-league-alums-that-are-shining-in-the-nba-bubble-robinson-bryant-burke-payne
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    Ed Davis

    Perhaps a forgotten man in the Jazz season and new season is Ed Davis. Remember he broke his leg early and never seemed to get any momentum and eventually was sent to the end of the bench. His NBA career rebound average would put him 2nd on the Jazz this season. Perhaps the work stoppage...
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    Stars Coach

    Took a job in Lithuania.
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    The Basketball Tournament

    For anyone needing a summer league fix, there is an event starting tomorrow in Columbus, Ohio, called the basketball tournament with one million dollars going to the winning team. A couple of ex Stars players Eric Griffin and Diamond Stone and Joe Jesus are on rosters. It looks like quite a...
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    Mavs Sign Trey Burke

    to replace Willie Cauley-Stein who opted out of the Orlando Reindeer Games. That will put them over the top.
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    Stars Coach

    GLeague coach of the year. Woot woot!
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    Joe Jesus

    I saw that there may be some interest in signing Joe Johnson for the tournament coming up given that Bojan is out. What say you? Does he have any gas in the tank?
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    Brantley Nominated for GLeague Player of the Year

    This the writeup: No matter the sport or league, it would seem crazy to name a rookie as a favorite for Most Valuable Player of the Year. That’s mostly due to how those players are still not close to reaching their potential and aren’t familiar with the level of competition that they’re...
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    NBA Target for Restart

    According to Shams and KSL, the NBA is targeting July 31 for its restart of the season. I guess the question I have is why bother? Why not head into next season on as normal a schedule as possible.
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    Trevon Bluiett Gets Some Love

    4th player down in article https://www.ridiculousupside.com/2020/5/16/21261084/ridiculous-upsides-2019-20-g-league-most-improved-player-of-the-year-finalists-vincent-watson-adams
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    Pro Basketball to Resume in Israel

    "The Israeli basketball championship will begin again on June 20, the board of directors of the Winner League decided. Winner League announced the detailed program and the stages that will lead to the gradual resumption of the season and its completion with the traditional Final Four format...
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    Happy Birthday

    to the Stars' Willie Reed.
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    Brantley and the Stars Get Some Love

    Last player and last couple of paragraphs in the article. https://www.ridiculousupside.com/2020/5/13/21257793/ridiculous-upsides-2019-20-g-league-rookie-of-the-year-waters-peters-cacok-shayok-cheatham-brantley
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    Congrats Mo Williams

    former Jazzman was named head basketball coach of Alabama State University. He was an assistant coach at Cal State Northridge last season.
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    Book Retires

    Trevor Booker called it a career. The story is in today's Deseret News.