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    NBA playoffs, info from Woj

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    Happy aluminum day

    To all who got this message today, thanks for sticking with jazzfanz all these years! (10 year anniversary award)
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    RIP Jerry Sloan

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    Semiannual LDS general conference thread (Apr 2020)

    LDS General Conference participants, here's a spot for thoughts, comments, talks that especially impressed you, etc. I liked Pres. Nelson's response to the girl: "Of course it's hard being a prophet!" :)
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    How many all stars each year?

    I probably didn't watch the all star game last year, but just found this: https://www.nba.com/allstar/2019/roster#/ Were there seriously 27 all star players chosen last year??? If so, Rudy's lack of invite was even more criminal than I had thought. Like, UNBELIEVABLY criminal. And Mitchell...
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    Strength of schedule

    Jazz currently on track for a 60 win season based on current win percentage extrapolated over 82 games, despite having had the 4th hardest strength of schedule so far. (I checked three different SOS metrics and one listed the Jazz schedule up until now as 3rd hardest, one the 4th hardest, and...
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    Nba.com article on Bogie's shot

    Good read!
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    Dante injures Donovan while training (ok, not really)

    Sorry for the gotcha headline but this is just too funny.
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    New prodigy video -- Quin Snyder

    Nice job @prodigy!
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    Jazzfanz off-season ping pong tournament-- time now set: Aug 31, 7-9 pm

    A couple of months ago in some thread that has undoubtedly since been buried, I said I'd organize a Jazzfanz ping pong tournament during the off-season if there's enough interest. The time is now! This will be in Orem, by the mouth of Provo canyon around 800 N and University Avenue. There's a...
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    Donovan article in The Athletic: We called him Sliders

    https://theathletic.com/1089786/2019/07/31/we-called-him-sliders-an-oral-history-of-donovan-mitchells-days-at-louisville/ Lots of great anecdotes about Donovan from former coaches and teammates. It's a pay site but I got access by downloading their app. Two of my favorite quotes from the...
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    New York Daily News article on Mudiay

    Some good stuff here. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/basketball/knicks/ny-knicks-emmanuel-mudiay-free-agency-kevin-knox-rookie-20190716-5dwc64o6wrdtnnbgfe6esgztaq-story.html
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    The official "let's impeach Trump" thread

    I didn't know which of the various political threads this would best fit in, so I figured, why not start a new one? This twitter thread by David Rothkopf says it very eloquently so I'll post all the text here. "It's the racism. But it's not just the racism. It's sex crimes. But it's not...
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    Conley checks out Jazz practice facility

    I haven't seen this posted here yet
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    Just got back from my mission, left Jul 3, 2017!

    Dear Jazzfanz, Hi all! I just got back from my LDS church mission to Germany.* Left Jul 3, 2017, and got back this morning! Had essentially no NBA news at all while I was there--mission rules and all that. So, tell me what's gone on in the time I've left? Here was the team I remember from the...
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    Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving taking their talents to Brooklyn

    This might have been mentioned in some other thread but I figure it's worth it's own. My reaction: yay!!
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    The Jazz do not get the bi-annual exception

    I've seen people (as recently as today) say that the Jazz have the BAE to work with in addition to the room exception. I've seen other people say that because they are under the cap, the only exception the Jazz get is the room exception. So I looked it up in the salary cap FAQ, and it clearly...
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    Do Jazz get room exception or MLE?

    This has been discussed in a couple of different threads, with different answers. Do Jazz get the room exception or the MLE? Here's the relevant part of the salary cap FAQ: http://www.cbafaq.com/salarycap.htm#Q25 To me it seems like it hinges on when the trade is made official and where the...
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    I was thinking that in honor of Father's Day I should tell a bunch of dad jokes today.

    Then I realized I don't know anyone named Day. Happy Father's Day, dads!
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    Woj bomb... AD to Lakers

    Yeah I know this is the Jazz forum. So, how does this affect the Jazz?