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    Will this save the planet?

  2. LogGrad98

    It doesn't apply to me...

    So apparently these people's gender reveal party was way way more important that listening to the high fire risk warnings we have had for several weeks now here in California, DURING THE KNOWN WILD FIRE SEASON. And of course you can't do a proper gender reveal without illegal fireworks, set off...
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    Don't see any threads at all

    No threads showing up. :(
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    Is COVID killing people

    So the newest (well newer at least) controversy around COVID is the dubious report published by the CDC that confuses everyone as to what COVID is doing. It said that only 6% of COVID deaths listed COVID alone on the death certificate, while all others listed some other comorbidity reason...
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    Have you experienced COVID?

    What experience have you had directly with the disease. Share your stories here. My daughter tested positive 2 weeks ago. I was on a mandatory 14-day stay away from work as a result. We all got tested, my 2 sons, wife, and grand-daughter, and all tested negative. My daughter who was positive is...
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    How far do we fall?

    Simple, where do we end up? How far do we fall? If we lose all of our remaining games we can only fall to 7th, so those are the numbers. I threw in 4th just for fun. No ****ing way in hell we get 4th.
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    Biden: shoot'em in the leg!

    https://news.yahoo.com/biden-suggests-police-could-shoot-assailants-in-the-leg-instead-of-the-heart-201750470.html Wow. And this is our next option as pres? Ugh we are so ****ed.
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    California "stay at home" order

    California issued a stay at home order for all non-essential activities starting at midnight tonight. My work is considered essential so I still work. Interested to see how this plays out and how far we are from a full quarantine.
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    COVID-19 - How worried are you?

    How concerned are you personally about COVID-19, however you want to interpret "worried", whether that you might get infected or it will affect the economy in general, or your job in specific, or whatever. Discuss.
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    The replacement needs to be..

    Quin Snyder. To me all of this has exposed his coaching. He isn't capable of getting the best play from his players consistently. His sets are apparently so complicated that an established strong player struggles still to be fully integrated. The issues I'm seeing to me points directly to the...
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    Clock malfunction in blazers game

    https://sports.yahoo.com/nba-referees-miss-clock-malfunction-084359910.html?src=rss The refs missed another big problem in the game last night. The clock didn't tick down for an entire blazers possession. That would have cut more time off the clock and maybe Dame wouldn't even have had that...
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    Lest we forget.....

    Many of us, me included, have been clamoring for the FO to do something, ANYTHING, to swing for the fences, to take a big gamble, and we said we would be happier knowing they tried rather than standing pat and expecting endless "organic growth" and "chemistry" to take us to the promised land of...
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    RIP Kobe

    Can't believe there isn't a thread on this yet. Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash this morning.
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    Trial by combat!

    https://nypost.com/2020/01/15/kansas-man-wants-to-settle-ugly-custody-battle-with-trial-by-combat-with-japanese-swords/amp/ For? Against? Should we be more feudal in our Justice system?
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    Could we do worse than...

    ...to sign Stockton and Malone to shore up the bench? Easily as good as anyone else on our bench even now. Imagine Malone and stock getting 10-12 min per night, or there for injury insurance. They have both stayed in shape. I guarantee stock could step right back into it. Malone might need some...
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    Like it or not...

    ...this is our team. The odds of any kind of game-changing move are very very long. This is it folks. Discuss.
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    Pornography or not pornography?

    https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/marie-osmond-weighs-in-on-utah-woman-charged-for-being-topless-in-own-home-likening-her-behavior-to-pornography-225023266.html This has been a topic of debate, the sexualizing of women's breasts but not men's. What do you think? Personally I think this is a...
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    Going to the clippers game on Sunday...

    Anyone else local going too? Would like to plan a meet-up if anyone is interested and willing. I'm excited for the game and hoping we bounce back and remember how to rebound. GO JAZZ!!
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    Going to the Jazz/Fakers Game Oct 25th

    I'm going to the game when the Jazz play the Fakers in October. If anyone else is in the area and is planning on going I wanted to see if we wanted to plan a meet-up. It would be fun to get together before the game. Anyone else planning on going?
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    What do you think is realistic this off-season?

    Wanted to get the vibe on the board of what you all think is truly realistic this off-season. Are we going to land the big names? Bring in a few 3rd tier guys maybe? Just run it back with maybe a replacement for Rubio? Vote and thoughts...