1. Wolverine Newby

    Hope the Jazz don't pull a Dominque Wilkins

    Dominique Wilkins, Forward, 1982 Highlights » Drafted by the Jazz but traded to Atlanta. … Played in nine All-Star Games. … Elected to the Hall of Fame in 2006. … Scored 26,668 points in his career. Talk of Jazz drafting Kanter and the trading him to the Cavs remind me of the Dominque...
  2. Wolverine Newby

    Stats - You can always find figures that support your argument

    I think it is amazing how many article that I have read that contradict each other. They use stats to support the theory. I am so confused... one says walker will be better than knight and the next will say knight is more of a risk than walker. It just shows you that you can find stats or...
  3. Wolverine Newby

    Who do you think the Jazz will Draft?

    This is not who you want them to draft. This is a see if you can predict who they will draft thread. It will be fun to see who guess right. I think they will draft Luke Babbitt. What say you?
  4. Wolverine Newby

    I found this evaluation from a jazz fan on NBAdraft.net and wanted to see what jazz fanz thoughts r

    Get on the Udoh bandwagon Utah fans Evaluation of Utah possible picks at #9 Utah needs a big guy. As many of you know Boozer could leave in the offseason. Of course no one will produce like Booz can in their first year, so who ever the Jazz draft will play backup to Millsap. I don’t want to see...
  5. Wolverine Newby

    Jerome Jordan - second round pick????

    I havent seen him play but his stats look awesome. I love his blocks per game. Seems like he has a complete game. I got this off of UtahJazz.com second round prospects. Has anybody seen him play and would had be a good selection in the second round? Jerome Jordan C 23 years old 7-0 /...