1. Myjazz

    Locked racist podcasted Joe JOHNSONS!

    From the start of this thread to the end it's the dumbest thing I've ever read. There's a better chance that you caught your wiener in a metal net then Locke being racist. What a stupid thing to even post. Not your wiener, but the racist comment.
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    Vote/Predict Draft Pick

    Stanley Johnson, Willie Cauley-Stein, and Mario Hezonja have zero chance of being there you can't even begin this pool unless you have real options. But with the real options Frank, Booker or Lyles will be the guy. NMHO
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    Couldn't agree more. This team couldn't be any different than the one we had last year. They have more talent on this team than anyone thought. It took getting a great coach to bring all that out. The next five years are going to be fun.
  4. Myjazz

    Favors--Get excited!!!

    He just seems so much more confident. I like his comment about the ESPN rankings and how he says he's ****y and considers himself number one. That's what it takes to be awesome.
  5. Myjazz

    Hayward and Passing Lanes

    Nothings better than using your big flipper
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    Jazz Opening Schedule

    Unless Quinn Snyder has them locked in and that's just how they play. Then a playoff run is coming and we have the coach of the year and possibly two all stars. This is my vote, but could something like this ever really happen....
  7. Myjazz

    Jazz Opening Schedule

    I'm as excited as anyone about what I'm seeing in the preseason with this team. However there's gonna be a lot of upset and sad jazz fans if they start setting a playoff run is their expectation. It would be wonderful if it happened but realistically we need to be looking for player...
  8. Myjazz

    Coach Snyder post game (10/17/14) - AKA why he's the man

    Hate to say it but he's right!!! When you have a team you stick with him through everything!! Bad management bad coaching crazy players and fat ugly cheerleaders... That's what being a fan is. Just sayin
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    Fantasy Hoops

    I'd play if it's a yahoo league
  10. Myjazz

    ESPN Player Rankings - Jazz Players

    I don't know 162 puts him as a borderline starter in the league. That seems about right for him. Now if he can prove to be more than NBA starter then you might be able to say something different but right now it's just potential
  11. Myjazz

    over/under jazz wins- 25.5

    I'll be there in 3 weeks. If the odds remain the same I'll be laying down a couple hundred bucks on that.
  12. Myjazz

    Alec Burks: 2013 - 2014 Season Mix

    Man I love his game!!!
  13. Myjazz

    Jazz players at the World Cup

    Yeah man he looked great.
  14. Myjazz

    Jazz players at the World Cup

    Any links to the boxscore?
  15. Myjazz

    Jazz players at the World Cup

    Always looking to pass ahead.
  16. Myjazz

    Anyone going to be in Vegas for the Summer League?

    I'll be there for Sat nights game. Can't wait!!
  17. Myjazz

    Has Hayward played his last game in a Jazz Uniform ?

    I agree with gregbroncs. I hope that no one offers him anything so that the Jazz can somewhat control the offer. My guess is that it's 12-13.5M for 5 yrs. However if he's offered the Max I still think he's back, but I have a feeling if he gets an offer it will be 13-14M anyway.
  18. Myjazz

    Richard Jefferson Part II

    But what does all this have to do with Richard Jefferson anyway?
  19. Myjazz

    Richard Jefferson Part II

    What? Sure there is.
  20. Myjazz

    Unrealistic Expectations