1. DWill_Gr8tness

    Is it better that the Jazz keep both picks?

    I know that there is still the chance that they can win the lottery and get a higher pick, but with all of these top 5 guys deciding to stay in college I think it is better that the Jazz make a move to get one of the top 2 picks and walk away from this draft with Irving or Derrek Williams. I am...
  2. DWill_Gr8tness

    Call out to the mods

    I don't know if many of you feel the same, but the forum is becoming a joke. I actually used to enjoy coming here to read and post, but now it is not fun at all. Go ahead and mock me and say what you want but I am sick and tired of everyone starting a thread posting dumb *** names and saying...
  3. DWill_Gr8tness

    More Cow Bell Please!

    Raja Bell, .......hmm what does that mean, how does that make you feel, what are your thoughts? Go ahead discuss fellow Jazzfanz! My take is this, He is a great pickup and he can help win right now, he will be a great vet for the team and lets hope he can help a new guy develop. Please Jazz...
  4. DWill_Gr8tness

    RIP George Steinbrenner

    ESPN has reported that Yankee owner George Steinbrenner suffered a major heart attack and has died. RIP George and thank you for what you have done for sports in general.
  5. DWill_Gr8tness

    Yeah I went there.......

    I just had to post this............ don't hate https://sports.espn.go.com/los-angeles/nba/news/story?id=5374270 He never even once mentioned his daughter. I am fine moving on, but this little tidbit was to much to pass on. All he really mentions here is that KOBE is why he wants to stay...
  6. DWill_Gr8tness

    Portland can go to Hell!

    I know I know go to the NBA thread, but this is in direct relation to the jazz resigning Wes.....F#$% you Portland and your damn overloaded offers!
  7. DWill_Gr8tness

    Boozer "improved" his defense?

    https://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/home/49903631-76/boozer-bulls-jazz-win.html.csp "Boozer also said it was hard to say goodbye to Williams — “I told him I was going to miss him,” he said — and that he’s excited to continue improving his defense under intense new coach Tom Thibodeau, the way he...
  8. DWill_Gr8tness

    Time to step up Jazzfanz....

    In reading through a lot of the recent threads it seems like a lot of the readers never wanted the Jazz to sign Boozer, Korver, Fes, or even Matthews. I for one am glad to see Boozer leave but really wanted Korver and Matthews(please keep this guy Jazz!!) to stay around mostly so the Jazz don't...
  9. DWill_Gr8tness

    King LeWade Bosh a modern 3-headed Beast

    Yeah it is over... now on with the season. I have always liked LeBron but I am already sick of the attention they are getting. Please ESPN don't forget about the rest of the NBA.