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    @jason ban me asap

    @Stoked @Jazz Spazz @bronco @ whoever. @Jason @colton My account has been corrupted by HH. I can't even change my password.
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    Goodbye everyone

    Someone hacked into my account and posted PM stuff, even created a new thread under my name, quoting stuff from private messages with changes and lies. Whoever you are you can **** off and need to grow up. Anyway. I love everyone here so this is peace out since I can't post certain...
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    Screw the 4-5 seed, I want the 7-8.

    Regulators mount up. Push someone deep and show the league what we got. A threat to any team.
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    Is this trade too skewed in favor of Cleveland?

    Burks' 2 year disaster contract plus Joe Johnson and the Jazz' first this season, top 3 protected and top 13 protected next season, for JR Smith's 3 year monstrosity contract (possibly worst contract in the league), Iman Shumpert, and the Brooklyn pick, several second rounders, and $3 million...
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    The Comcast monopoly is trying to deepen their hooks into the phone market now.

    Yes I'm a hater. Look at their phone plans. They are using the BOGO Apple promo that T-Mobile & ATAT are using to undermine the telephone industry. Instead of offering the same deal, they're selling the phones at full price in order to undercut their competitors. The price looks great on the...
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    Trump and China

    The ******* in Chief is doing something I absolutely love, which is influencing much better relations with China. http://www.mycentraloregon.com/2017/11/09/trump-i-dont-blame-china-for-us-china-trade-imbalances/ Sure, he flipflopped but what presidential elect hasn't? Good Donald. While...
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    Epke > Gobert (troll title)

    Dude is such a great pickup. I'd add in Thabo here as well but they deserves his own thread. This team is deep and almost has franklin going into homer mode for the first time in about 10 years. Too damn bad we don't have a number one option and the offense is stifled. This team is fun to...
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    Fist bump from franklin to G-Time

    Pretty dope way to open your blog post. You know the fans are pissy like a dumped boyfriend but you came with the classy response. Good luck to you and yours.
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    Great Isaiah Thomas write up on being traded

    Feel good article and also touches on players leaving in free agency. All around good piece and shows his great character. Side point, I'm still annoyed the Jazz didn't have the foresight to pick him up when Boston got him for a bag of chips. Warning: there is one curse word: "Man, **** the...
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    Why didn't Utah sign Gallo?

    He went for a second round pick. On a shortish contract. Could have dumped Boris and possible made another move with them that helps both teams. Gallo had world class ts% last season of over 62%. Do you know how many high volume, non-cleanup players reach that? Very few. Utah has...
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    Place your bets - Hayward stays or Hayward goes. Public poll.

    I think he's already out the door.
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    Dear Dennis

    Why did you not give Exum to Dallas for Deron and a draft pick? Hill is hurt; the Jazz need a quality backup. Let's be honest here. Exum is not worth an extension and maybe not even in the NBA in two years. I know you personally cannot wait to cut him when his team option is up in 18-19...
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    Will Trump and the R's induce a recession on purpose?

    It's normally the party without the presidency that declares economic war on America, but this time seems different. Here's my theory: We are bound for a recession after such a long time without one. The longest period without a recession in the post-war era is 10 years. We are looking at...
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    Can the Dante Exum Experiment Please End

    So does Neto. Both are straight trash. We need to clear a roster spot for someone as good as or better than Mack.
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    Quin Price Snyder's Offence

    Since the Jazz put on a beautiful offensive clinic the last game I finally decided to create one. Motion Strong variation: Gobert plays the "duck in" role, Lyles the trailer. Instead of passing to Lyles for play initiation as his man covered outside the 3 point line, he pushes down...
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    No more video on stats.nba.com?

    Anyone know if they're still available? I can't seem to find them on that horrible and ever changing website. ----- Snyder has a pretty bitchin new HORNS setup running Hood as the second big and Favors in the corner before read-reacting, and running some unorthodox confusion routes. If...
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    World's first baby born with three parents

    https://time.com/4509565/worlds-first-baby-born-with-dna-from-three-parents/ For those without a science background, mitochondrial DNA is inherited from the mother only (in almost all cases). The article did a poor job of explaining that that's how. I think it's amazing that they can...
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    Crowd Sourcing JF: AR-15

    Preface: I'm pretty sure that AR-15's are going to be banned sometime in my lifetime. As a pro-gun advocate, I'm fine with this as I see them primarily as an offensive weapon as opposed to defensive (the military does as well as far as I can tell). Needless to say, I don't think offensive...
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    Homeytennis style: Go get DJ Stephens

    For this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waNepeu2Tg8
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    I'm changing to a team that has the capacity and willingness to win, unlike the Jazz. My current choices are Los Angeles Lakers for obvious reasons, San Antonio, and wherever Kevin Durant goes. I really hope he chooses Orlando as my sis-in-law moved there recently and it would make the...