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    I'm back

    Pretty sure you were Serpico back when I was around...Life has been crazy busy for me but I thought I'd take a trip back to memory lane here w/ the jazzfanz...looking forward to sticking around this time I hope.
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    I'm back

    I'll keep an eye out lol
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    I'm back

    bump... Been a few years but I'm back once again...I'll try and actually stick around this time...I'm hoping I'm the luck we need to pull off a win tonight. What-up y'all!?
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    ok, here's the "official" game dread - Bulls at Jazz tonight...

    Playing the 'We will Rock you' track- Had to dust that CD off.
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    ok, here's the "official" game dread - Bulls at Jazz tonight...

    Harping for the third time tonight: "that was the biggest shot of his young NBA career" lmao
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    ok, here's the "official" game dread - Bulls at Jazz tonight...

    If I hear another AND ONE from Booze I'm gonna lose it. Anyone have an O/U on Boozers AND ONE shouts' for the second half. I'm going to say 7 and I'll take the over. Yuck. Jazz looking pretty good so far. Too bad we actually HAVE to play a second half.
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    I'm back

    Well this thread went south in a hurry. I'm neutral on Corbin for the time being. Pretty sure Red Auerbach, Gene Hackman from Hoosiers and Jerry Sloan all coaching together couldn't get more than 30 wins this season. We'll see what happens. I personally think Corbin's days are numbered. Thanks...
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    I'm back

    I posted a ton on here before the site crashed and got a facelift a couple or three years ago. I've been meaning to get back on here- life has been craaazy, running my own biz and three kids will do that to you-I'm back to hopefully give some input on what looks to be a long season. Good to see...
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    Celtics v. Jazz: Feb. 28th @ 7:00pm MST

    Fool...I like your logic.
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    One more hour till Jimmertime...

    Lets go Cougs! Unfortunately we live and die by the 3. If they're falling we win going away!
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    Sportscenter - Dwill ..

    Oh how the tides have turned....
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    Official Derrick Favors Thread

    Give me some of that!
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    Could Have Gotten O. J. Mayo for shooting guard

    This thread already exists. Leave the past in the past yo. We'll get a SG next year.
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    Jazz @ Pistons 5:30 MT Saturday

    I missed the game last night (early start forgot to DVR) but my Dad called me after the game as giddy as a school boy about the effort. I'm looking forward to seeing the new guys for the first time. I miss D-Will but it's great to be a Jazz fan. Detroits a joke. Jazz by 15
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    Who's the new floor leader?

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    2011 draft.....

    Is either pick protected?