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    Very questionable officiating tonight.

    Bavetta and Mauer have always had their own agenda's. '
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    Minnesota finalizing 2 year $20MM deal with AK - per Y!Woj

    Woah... I thought he would get 5 million a year at the MOST. Will be interesting to see how he does in a different system.
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    Massive Shooting in Aurora (CO) Theater

    Absolutely horrific. I can't imagine.
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    Bulls looking to trade Korver.

    Looks like he is going to Atlanta...too bad.
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    Official: Raja Bell/Jazz reach buyout agreement

    Man, nobody must have wanted anything to do with him. Wonder how much of the 3 mil they payed him. Anyways..his basketball skill is gone and he failed as a leader. At least it clears up a spot to sign someone.
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    General TV shows thread

    Breaking Bad Lost The Office Community Amazing Race Survivor Swamp People
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    Four Point Guards?

    Jefferson for Iggy makes sense.
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    Welcome back to Salt Lake - Mo Williams

    Im a huge fan of this move. I have thought for awhile Mo would be a really good fit with this team. Gives a good outside threat, and he his a fierce competitor. Even if it's just for this year, I find it hard to believe we would get a better player for the TPE (who didn't have an awful...
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    Jazz May Be A Part of 3-Team Deal w/ Clippers

    Definitely a perimeter threat we could use. Im for this
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    We Need to Talk About Kevin

    So if favors and kanter don't develop like everyone thinks he shouldn't take any blame? You better be pretty damn sure that it will pan out if you're not going to shop your superstar to see if you can get a better offer.
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    We Need to Talk About Kevin

    I agree. If we are still fighting for 8th and the youth isn't developing, we might have to look in a different direction.
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    We Need to Talk About Kevin

    It's kind of hard to say what kind of gm he is, because we don't know how much control he had in the Jerry years. He has done alright since Sloan left, but I think top five in the west should be the minimum expectation by the end of 2014. I'm sick of being a slightly above average team.
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    Pick One- Carroll or Evans

    I don't think we would ever be forced to choose, but Carroll. I think Evans could be a rotation player if given the chance but he is too deep in the depth chart.
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    Trading for STAT?

    Plays our most stacked position, injury prone, horrible contract, questionable attitude...no thanks
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    Marc Stein: Jazz-Warriors discuss pre-Lottery trade (Source says trade "likely")

    35, they take bell, and remove the protection next year. Otherwise no.
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    LHM group buying 1280 the zone (ending lease with 1320)

    I hope 1320 stays sports talk. It's nice having options other than the jazz owned station force feeding us the company lines.
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    LHM group buying 1280 the zone (ending lease with 1320)

    Dj and pk Rome Garrard and someone from 1280 I forgot Monson and checketts
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    top 5 guys you want gone.

    1. Bell 2. Miles 3. Howard 4. Harris 5. I don't want either to go but one of (Milsap/ Jefferson) has to go to free up minutes.
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    Is coin toss tomorrow?

    Well Dang, could be a boring summer. Warriors are pathetic..