1. Nate505

    Game Thread Jan 17, 2021 6:00PM MT: Jazz at Nuggets

    Of course, as soon as I rag on Niang he has three really good games in a row. Mea culpa.
  2. Nate505

    Dante Exum to the Rockets

    If it weren't Houston I'd feel bad for them too...but on the other hand, hahahahahahahahahahahaha.
  3. Nate505

    Tony Bradley

    I have no ill will towards Bradley. Seems like a nice guy. If he can carve out a journeyman career and make some money in the NBA, more power to him, and I hope he does so. I just doubt trading him will be a decision the Jazz really regret.
  4. Nate505

    Game Thread Jan 10, 2021 1:00PM MT: Jazz at Pistons

    Not sure why Niang keeps getting minutes
  5. Nate505

    Game Thread Jan 05, 2021 5:30PM MT: Jazz at Nets

    Ugly as ****... Good God what a horrible game
  6. Nate505

    Quotes from the Spurs' forums-"How is Utah getting left open for 3 so easily? "

    I dig the correct and necessary commentary
  7. Nate505

    Game Thread Jan 06, 2021 5:30PM MT: Jazz at Knicks

    You give yourself far too little credit in that department.
  8. Nate505

    sAlT lAkE cItY iS bOrInG

    Probably because many NBA players have openly said they don't want to play here, and Utah/SLC has been on the top of lists of cities that players don't want to play in. I'm not a Utahan, but all that stuff has been out there for 20 years.
  9. Nate505

    "Quin Snyder, may I introduce you to Miye Oni? He is on your roster and available to play."

    I'm not sure Quin knows there are more than 8 players on the roster. Seriously, I thought Corbin was bad playing nothing but the vets, but now I'm getting the same vibe from Quin.
  10. Nate505

    Rudy Gobert "Greatest Jazz Center of All Time" Countdown Thread

    He's clearly #1 at this point right? I loved Eaton, but Rudy is just a much better player.
  11. Nate505

    Game Thread Dec 28, 2020: Jazz at Thunder

    What a pretty prophetic analysis.
  12. Nate505

    Game Thread Dec 28, 2020: Jazz at Thunder

    Well, an ugly win is better than a loss...but that's about it. What a terrible game. i get the Thunder may not be as pathetic as I thought they were, but man those turnovers were.
  13. Nate505

    Game Thread Dec 26, 2020: Jazz vs. Wolves

    I swear, it feels like a few weeks ago since the game on Wednesday. Just an odd combo of their first game being a day before Christmas Eve and Christmas, and that win being so dominating.
  14. Nate505

    Game Thread Dec 23, 2020: Jazz at Trail Blazers

    One thing I love about Mitchell is how engaged he is on the sideline. I don't know what that means in the grand scheme of things, but I like players who at least outwardly love the game and their teammates and are excited to be there.
  15. Nate505

    Game Thread Dec 23, 2020: Jazz at Trail Blazers

    That was worth the pick alone
  16. Nate505

    Quotes from the Blazers' forums

    Melo is a black hole inside of a black hole.
  17. Nate505

    Don’t be jelly.

    I do have one though!
  18. Nate505

    What is Rudy's actual worth?

    Yeah, I'm a huge fan of Rudy, but AD is better by a decent margin. Which really isn't a slight on Rudy...AD is a top 10 player.