1. Jazz4ever

    Utah Jazz vs another team Dyin' for Zion (Bulls) 6 MST

    This game is sure to be a ratings monster against NCAA tournament action. Hopefully the Jazz can pull it out against another feisty tanker team. Donovan Mitchell has been all smiles lately, averaging 26/4/4 over his last 10 games. 21 year old Lauri Markkanen has shaved his locks and...
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    DL certainly has dodged some bullets recently

    Hill would have been such a horrific contract at 80 million for 4 years. Watching the Cavs he is now pitifully slow, can't even get into the lane. Hood obviously we don't know if one was offered or not but I think at least 12m a year was floated in their preliminary meetings and Hood's camp...
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    It's safe to say there are no worries about him living up to that contract. I was a little worried he wouldn't be able to handle a bigger workload but couldn't be more wrong. He has doubled his points from last season and shooting percentages are through the roof. The fact his contract scales...
  4. Jazz4ever

    George Hill vs Ricky Rubio: RPM and PER

    Rubio/Hill RPM 2017: 2.49/3.75 2016: 4.14/0.97 2015: 2.71/3.77 2014: 3.90/2.49 PER 2017: 16.8/19.3 2016: 17.6/13.2 2015: 15.2/21.5 2014: 15.4/13.4 They trade blows pretty evenly. If you're saving 8 million dollars per year there is a strong case Rubio is the wiser choice given...
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    Jazz @ Nets. Road trip begins. RETURN OF HOUDINI

    You are not ready for this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07T3UVxZ0YQ
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    Sap on the block

    Marc Stein ESPN Senior Writer Story posting soon with @WindhorstESPN: ESPN sources say the Hawks have begun listening to trade offers for free agent-to-be Paul Millsap
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    The other George....Paul George

    He's not on the trade block yet but Indiana sits at 10th in the East with their only real prospect of hope being Miles Turner. If they decide to do a full rebuild around Turner it might be a good way for the Jazz to consolidate some of their assets into a better player. It will depend on how...
  8. Jazz4ever

    RJ Hunter waived by Bulls

    I know some of us liked him in the draft. Hasn't been given much NBA time must be sucking in practices. 6'5" SG with almost a 6'11" wingspan, those don't grow on trees.
  9. Jazz4ever

    Hood or Favors?

    Assuming DL can only pick one of them after paying George Hill and Hayward who would you keep? Both have been dissapointing this year even amid injuries. To me Hill has to be paid, even if it takes maxing him at age 30 its got to be done. So on the chopping block is Hood or Favors. Assume...
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    Early RPM ratings

    Now up on ESPN. Ranking at their position in parentheses. Favors and Hayward not too accurate given the limited time/injuries. If this team ever gets healthy it could be pretty beastly. Gobert 3.23 (2nd) C Hood 2.83 (2nd) SG Hill 2.17 (9th) PG Hayward 0.58 (20th) SF Favors 0.05 (33rd) PF...
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    Better NBA career: Myles Turner or Trey Lyles?

    Both showed a lot of promise in their rookie years. Who ya got?
  12. Jazz4ever

    Blazer's match Alan Crabbe offer

    Ouch. Almost 19m a year for a 12 PER, -2.4 RPM player
  13. Jazz4ever

    Does Durant walk?

    Simple question, no maybes. Lets see if the majority can get it right.
  14. Jazz4ever

    Rubio available per Isola

    Not a perfect fit. You can't play him and Exum together due to lack of shooting. Very good player though, always in top 10 PGs by RPM metric. Contract looks pretty good for the next 3 years. 14m/y seems like alot, but Teague and Holiday will soon be getting 25 million a year...
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    Supposedly the Bulls looking at many trade scenarios. This guy has not been the stretch PF the Bulls envisioned, but if he ever finds his shot could be a really good player. The success of Portis recently might make the Bulls asking price for Mirotic fairly low. Something for DL to look at I think.
  16. Jazz4ever

    Early RPM ratings for Jazz

    Favors 2.99 (7th in PFs) Gobert 1.52 (21st in C) Burke 0.59 (21st in PGs) Hood 0.30 (11th in SGs) Neto 0.29 (26th in PGs) Booker -0.48 (58th in PFs) Hayward -1.14 (36th in SFs) Burks -1.45 (37th in SGs) These don't mean much at this point but maybe good for spotting trends. For...
  17. Jazz4ever

    The official summer league overreaction thread

    Happy 4th. Let's start his off. Myles Turner 20/8/3 including a made three today. We lost him due to a coin flip :mad:
  18. Jazz4ever

    Thaddeus Young

    Thaddeus Young? Somewhat surprisingly he opted out of his 9m last year and is available. Might have just wanted out of Brooklyn. A SF/PF tweener with a shaky 3 point shot. Good transition player, had a good 3 point shot last year but bad on career %. Not sure about defense, seems to get alot...
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    More interesting: the draft process or a non playoff season grind?

    What do you get more enjoyment from. The scouting and discussion of the upcoming draft players (including summer league play) or a season grind with no playoff hope (like last year)?
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    Taj Gibson probably on the block

    Good, defensive oriented PF. Two years left on his deal at 8.5 million a year. If we draft a wing in the draft, he makes some sense I think. We could use Booker against more mobile / 3pt shooting PFs We could use Gibson against bigger, traditional PFs (Randolph, Griffin) The Bulls might...