1. White Chocolate

    Mitchell fastest to 600 made 3-pointers all-time

    It took him 240 games to make 600 3’s which is fastest of all-time. Pretty amazing stat.
  2. White Chocolate

    Royce O’Neale Struggles

    I’m not sure what Quin is seeing but Royce has been getting torched on defense all season. He isn’t as good of a defender as a lot of you think and he just can’t guard guards. He just can’t.
  3. White Chocolate

    Official Re-Sign Mike Conley Thread

    What kind of deal do you think would be on the table and what is going to be his market? We definitely should re-sign him if he was willing to come back.
  4. White Chocolate

    Donovan Mitchell Struggles

    He has started the year 29-85 from the field and has looked absolutely lost on defense with zero effort.
  5. White Chocolate

    Potential Trade Possibilities

    Mike Conley for Trevor Ariza and George Hill OKC has enough salary cap room to do this trade. Ariza is an expiring contract and Hill would be on the books next season for 10M. We’d save 12.1M this year and get under the tax. Take a shot and see if Ariza can be a good contributor for us. We’d...
  6. White Chocolate

    Who do you NOT want us to draft?

    Pick one guy who is projected to be in our range who you absolutely do not want us to draft.
  7. White Chocolate

    Chris Paul

    The Suns have engaged with the Thunder in trade talks for Paul. This seems like such an obvious move for us I don’t know why we wouldn’t try to make a move for him. We would be legit contenders with Paul. We also have pieces to make it work. Phoenix would have to trade Rubio and Oubre to...
  8. White Chocolate

    Jazz and Mitchell to finalize max contract extension when free agency opens

    https://sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/the-utah-jazz-arent-done-inside-donovan-mitchells-night-of-disappointment-144653183.html?__twitter_impression=true This is literally the best news of 2020!!! I’m so happy we will have him for years to come!!! He has blossomed into a superstar. We love you Spida!!!
  9. White Chocolate

    Potential move to Utah

    What’s up everyone, my wife and I have talked about moving to Utah for awhile now. I know timing right now isn’t ideal but want to get some thoughts on cities and if you know anywhere hiring for a job for myself. I have an Associates Degree in Business Management and am currently working on my...
  10. White Chocolate

    2020 Annual JazzFanz Current Players Draft Round 2: White Chocolate vs. David Hume

    Team White Chocolate: PG - Chris Paul / Markelle Fultz SG - Jrue Holiday / Devonte’ Graham SF - Jayson Tatum / RJ Barrett / DeAndre Hunter PF - Derrick Favors / Blake Griffin C - Jonas Valanciunas Team David Hume: PG - Kemba Walker / Terry Rozier SG - D’Angelo Russell / Josh Richardson SF -...
  11. White Chocolate

    2020 Annual JazzFanz Current Players Draft Round 2: tfivas vs. Wes Mantooth

    Team tfivas: PG - Kyle Lowry / Dennis Schroeder SG - Devin Booker / Malik Beasley SF - LeBron James / Torrey Craig PF - Robert Covington / PJ Tucker C - Brook Lopez / Tristian Thompson Team Wes Mantooth: PG - Fred VanVleet SG - James Harden / Tim Hardaway Jr. SF - Marcus Morris / Jae Crowder...
  12. White Chocolate

    Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

    I’d love to hear some thoughts on this. It’s a great video and very interesting.
  13. White Chocolate


    We have anyone in here familiar with decks? I just built one over the last 2 weekends. I used pressure treated wood for the base but used 2x4’s for the deck boards. I’m going to put a waterproof sealant over the top but just wondering if there is anything else I can do to help preserve it for as...
  14. White Chocolate

    Basketball Cards

    Anyone on here collect basketball cards? It’s a huge hobby of mine and it has really made a comeback. I would love to see collections or just talk about basketball cards in general.
  15. White Chocolate

    Likes not showing up on app

    Not a huge deal obviously but for me atleast it only shows up to 5 likes on a post on the app. If anymore than 5 people like a post it won’t show anything past 5.
  16. White Chocolate


    We don’t come close to winning this game without him. He’s really starting to come to form. I think it’s time for some apologies and time for 95% of this board to eat some crow. Like I’ve said all along he didn’t just magically lose his talent. He’s a great player and will be great to have in...
  17. White Chocolate

    Free Miye Oni

    His stat line in the Stars win last night: 17 points, 11 rebounds, and 9 assists Over his last 12 games he’s shooting 44% from 3 on 6.2 attempts a game (33-75 total). Get this man some minutes. He’s a capable defender and can shoot the 3. He can’t play worse than what our team has lately.
  18. White Chocolate

    Jazz @ Mavericks 6:30 PM MT Game Thread

    Luka Doncic is officially ruled out for the game. We are looking to continue the win streak tonight!
  19. White Chocolate

    Jazz @ Rockets 5:00 PM MT Game Thread

    This would be a huge win for us tonight. We need to play how we played in the 2nd half against the Trail Blazers.
  20. White Chocolate

    Trail Blazers @ Jazz 8:30 PM MT: THE LOSING STREAK ENDS TONIGHT

    The losing streak ends tonight fellas. Mitchell is going to go off tonight and Conley will continue to play good. Gobert is going to get payback on Whiteside for last game. Royce is also going to get payback. We got this!