1. Archie Moses

    How does it feel to be the best team in the NBA?!

    The Jazz are the greatest 3 pt team of all time at this point. My Bay Area friends, not sorry. #splashed I just posted this.
  2. Archie Moses

    Post your favorite MEMES

    Bernie memes were getting old but I decided to make this one. Lol
  3. Archie Moses

    The R.I.P. Thread

    That's pretty much what happened to my mom.
  4. Archie Moses

    Mitchell fastest to 600 made 3-pointers all-time

    It would also be interesting to see how many shot attempts it took to get there.
  5. Archie Moses

    The R.I.P. Thread

    Larry King. Dude had more lives than he did wives. Howard Stern was just talking about him yesterday and I was thinking the same thing. I knew he had covid a few weeks ago and was thinking he was gonna beat it. That said, not sure how he died for sure yet.
  6. Archie Moses

    How has the virus affected you directly?

    Who's your dealer? I work for a building product manufacturer and yes, we can't keep up. It's a blessing and a curse.
  7. Archie Moses

    Ownership change.....

    In other news, Trump is not President and Hugh Glass forgave Davey Crockett. Pumpernickel, Albuquerque, snorkel, One Brow.
  8. Archie Moses

    President Biden

    I literally have zero bad things to say about Biden but how dare I defend myself from being called alt right, racist and one who reads conservative news. The only time I worried for the US was when Trump was president although I'd never deny my my privilege You online complainers. Lol...
  9. Archie Moses

    Trump Cries as He Leaves the White House

    It's become a sports rivalry. I'm glad Trump left the office more so than any time in my life. That said, Trump never destroyed my life, change it or put me in a camp. I loathe Trump. We have it good. I hope we get behind JB. If we don't, I'm gonna laugh at your privilege.
  10. Archie Moses

    President Biden

    I'll support Biden and my country with all my heart. I'm alt right.
  11. Archie Moses

    Placeholder for the "Trump is no longer the President Celebration!"

    Today is a good day. 100% We think differently but want the same thing. We're privilege to live in the US.
  12. Archie Moses

    Placeholder for the "Trump is no longer the President Celebration!"

    I watched Biden, Kamala, and Jill march to the white house or capital. I felt a sense of pride from being from the US. We have it so good. I wonder, what the privilege may feel like, for those that bitch about our country. We live in a great country. Check your privilege if you compared Trump...
  13. Archie Moses

    Suck It Conley Haters

    Why do fans take it personally when athletes suck or praise them when they don't? Bro, if you think this way, you're probably the *** hat that jerks off to left or right. Gawd damn it.
  14. Archie Moses

    Protestors storm capital

    https://theintercept.com/2021/01/14/capitol-riot-fbi-federal-charges/ This breaks down how the more serious charges tend to trickle down and be added later into the investigation process. He's certainly not singled out with his charges nor am I able to find any sources that show Sullivan was...
  15. Archie Moses

    Protestors storm capital

    I never said I cared he was treated differently than others. That's a lame accusation, nor is it what I feel or think. Saying he's a terrorist and **** that guy doesn't mean that I think he should be charged with more crimes than a white person who committed the same crimes. That's an absurd...
  16. Archie Moses

    Protestors storm capital

    The Trumpers who are capable of switching and listening to something like this are the ones who switched over during his term. They still might be conservatives and republicans but could not go on any longer supporting Trump because of the lies and delusions. Those that are still Trumpers and...
  17. Archie Moses

    PC Gamers Unite!

    How much did you drop on that?
  18. Archie Moses

    Protestors storm capital

    Sure, I don't need to respond. I don't understand why he feels the need to call me a racist, alt right while responding to others posters cause he has me on ignore. It's annoying af.
  19. Archie Moses

    Protestors storm capital

    I've asked you for a specific example. You've yet to provide one. When did I say I wanted him treated worse? I swear this is the common thing of this thread. Put words in other's mouths to push your narrative that the whole world is bad. Pathetic. Sullivan has been released. "Sullivan was...
  20. Archie Moses

    Protestors storm capital

    "Previously, Sullivan was arrested by the Provo City Police Department on July 9 under the suspicion of third-degree felony rioting, class A misdemeanor criminal mischief and class B misdemeanor threat of violence. Charges were filed on July 13, and the case is currently pending." Well, he's...