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    Have people here bought into Conley yet?

    Or am I still going to get LOL'd at for saying the Jazz made the right decision trading for him and keeping him? Has the sample size of good play still been "too small"?
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    Anybody else see this on social media?

    From the IG of James Hansen who works for slcdunk Please no
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    Sign Joakim Noah DL

    We need a vet. We need intensity. We need defense. These are the things Noah gives. This roster needs a change. It needs an injection of attitude/nasty. Get it done DL. Cut NWG and sign Noah. There's no risk involved.
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    It looks like the locker room drama that was speculated is real

    So... yeah. First we're benching Mike to start Royce. Two hours later we've changed our minds and we're benching Joe to start Royce. Nobody on the team is showing effort on defense. Guys are pouting, body language sucks. Looks like the locker room drama is real and we're f*****. The front...
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    Mike Conley OUT vs Lakers

    Haven't seen any posts about it and figured it was thread worthy news.
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    Caesars Palace NBA 19-20 Over/Under Win Totals

    Jazz at 52.5. Thoughts?
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    Prepare Yourself For Lindsey-isms

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    Bojan Interview

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    Kings hiring former Jazz Assistant Coach Igor Kokoskov as an Assistant Coach

    https://www.sactownroyalty.com/platform/amp/2019/6/13/18678277/sacramento-kings-hiring-igor-kokoskov-as-assistant-coach Was hoping he'd come back to Utah. Bummer. Congrats to him though.
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    Petition to have Matt Harpring canned

    "When Anthony Davis leaves the game Jrue Holiday is the second best player on the floor behind Donovan." (While Rudy was on the floor) ~ Matt Harpring GTFOH Matt. How dare you disrespect Rudy like that.
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    I thought this was excellent and wanted to share...

    I saw this on the NBA Reddit. I don't know if it was someone here on Jazzfanz who created it but it was an excellent read...
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    How much would you offer Malcolm Brogdon this summer?

    https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/b/brogdma01.html 26 years old 6'5 229 PG/SG 16/17 NBA ROTY This year... 15.7 PPG 4.7 RPG 3.3 APG 0.8 SPG 29.3 MPG 51% FG 42.2% 3FG on 3.7 attempts per game 93.9% FT (#1 in the NBA) 120 ortg 107 drtg 17.8 PER He has had some injuries. And he's not a...
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    How do we fix this team?

    I feel like I'm usually a positive fan. Even when the team goes through struggles I try to remain positive and look at the bright side. But right now I am extremely frustrated. What happened to this team? This is damn near the exact same roster that scratched and clawed and fought every night...
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    Adam Silver discusses the possibility of All Star game returning to Utah, the Jazz, DM, and more

    Interesting sit down interview with Kristen Kenney
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    Here's a great article showing the idiocy of NBA award voters and "experts"

    I facepalmed so hard at these analysts remarks. Sports is their job and they don't even do their homework. The following is exactly why Rudy was snubbed for DPOY last year and why Donovan faces an uphill battle for ROTY this year...
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    After watching this I'm already ready for next season!

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    DeAndre Jordan Moving Van Service Is Now Open!

    From moving screens to now moving vans he can meet all your moving needs! Doc, are you going to get that dreaded pink slip? DeAndre can help with that and move you to your new home! Blake, are you tired of getting the blame in LA? DeAndre's moving service is right for you!! Chrissy, tired...
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    Game 6 was an anomaly, here's why

    The Jazz lost game 6 by the close score of 98-93 despite shooting only 41% from the field and 26.9% from three, and basically taking the Clippers best punch as they shot 49.3% from the field and 42.9% from three. I went back and looked at box scores from all 88 games this season to see how...
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    Rudy should be frontrunner for DPOTY right?

    1st in the NBA in Blocks 1st in the NBA in Blocks Per Game 1st in the NBA in Block Percentage 1st in the NBA in Defensive Win Shares 2nd in the NBA in Defensive Box Plus/Minus 2nd in the NBA in Defensive Rating 4th in the NBA in Total Rebounds 6th in the NBA in Defensive Rebounds 6th in...