1. Jazzfannut83

    Russian Culture Night! Jazz @ Nets 1/19/2011 5PM MST

    Deron is a GTD with the stomach flu...grrr, I only get to go to a few gms a yr as I live on the east coast, Deron not playing would be like going to a Broadway show and the lead is being played by the understudy!!! That said, Jazz will win the game either way.
  2. Jazzfannut83

    Jazz vs Nets next Weds, 1/19

    Any other east coast Jazz fans going to this game besides myself?
  3. Jazzfannut83

    Swear Jar

    gotta love the Bear.
  4. Jazzfannut83

    Are we going to be an "elite team" by Philbert Jackson's definition?

    I think the best Jazz team of this era was '07-08, and they gave the Lakers a tougher series than most remember that yr. I don't think we won 40 before we lost 20...remember we started really bad and then made the Korver deal and got red hot. 54 wins tho was only good enough for the 5th seed...
  5. Jazzfannut83

    General NFL 2010 Regular Season Thread

    I actually attended the game in Baltimore, had a really good time even tho we lost, Raven fans are cool and its a great venue. Actually, it was Cody Grimm (safety) and Joseph (guard), which is awful...two of our better players on each unit and Grimm has been a great story (7th round pick, Russ's...
  6. Jazzfannut83

    Have we ever started 19-5 before?

    Indiana, Dallas, Memphis, Miami, Orlando; two legit contenders in there, two pesky teams, and one....huge compilation of scumbags. Not a gimme homestand but I like our chances, although i'm not gonna go and jinx it
  7. Jazzfannut83

    Jazz vs Pacers | Wednesday December 1st @ 7:00pm

    Jazz will win by double digits, it'll be a high scoring affair I predict. We get a bit of a break as Indiana has to play @Sacto tonite, so they are on the 2nd of a b2b and lose an hour of sleep essentially also crossing timezones.
  8. Jazzfannut83

    Dish dvr

    As someone who works in that industry I can tell you that the only thing really keeping Dish in business is their large edge on everyone else in terms of international programming. What other providers are there in Utah? Comcast, Directtv...do you guys have Verizon Fios or AT&T Uverse out there?
  9. Jazzfannut83

    Ric Bucher thinks Dwill is the best pg because...

    Funny tweet back and forth between Bill Simmons and Bucher... sportsguy33 My question: How many more pro-Deron columns before they let you back in Utah? RT @RicBucher About to take my talents to an ESPN chat room. RicBucher @sportsguy33 to answer the bigger question: i'll keep beating...
  10. Jazzfannut83

    Jazz Halloween Costumes

    LMAO wow thats hilrious
  11. Jazzfannut83

    Jazz Halloween Costumes

    Where is Deron?
  12. Jazzfannut83

    How is CJ?

    Shh. :-D
  13. Jazzfannut83

    Game Thread: Utah Jazz v Denver Nuggets, 10/27, 7pm MST, FSN, 1320 AM/98.7 FM

    I'm gonna be very disappointed if we lose this, even if it is a road game vs a division rival. Not so much because I like to start off with a win, of course, but Denver is down 2 key components (Kmart and Birdman I believe). In yrs past we've seen the Jazz play down to the level of competition...
  14. Jazzfannut83

    Williams finds Jebus, Jefferson pleased

    https://skyboski.blogspot.com/ Here is the back story and a photo of Deron as he was placed into the water to be baptised. I believe Korver had a hand in his decision. Also his best friend Matt Mitnick is there as well and his wife Amy.
  15. Jazzfannut83

    How is CJ?

    According to the waitress he picked up at PF Chang's last night...he's fine. ;)
  16. Jazzfannut83

    Your favourite Jerry Sloan quotes

    When asked about a player's birthday party, and what type of party he'd like "I think for me, a hoedown would be more appropriate" (not exact but he said something along those lines)
  17. Jazzfannut83

    General NFL 2010 Regular Season Thread

    Yeah, 2 weeks ago...Nate Clements was the worst. I'd expect a veteran of his ilk and multiple time probowler to know better. All he's gotta do is fall down and the game is over. Instead he lets Roddy White strip it and the Falcons win the game with no time left.
  18. Jazzfannut83

    Dish Network

    Dish is awful, the only thing that really keeps them in business is there large surplus of international channels that other companies don't have.
  19. Jazzfannut83

    CJ the muscle man?

    He does look a little bit bigger, granted he also eats at PF Chang's too much, lol .But in all seriousness, he has worked hard and does appear more solid now. His tweets are still hilarious.
  20. Jazzfannut83

    Comcast most basic doesn't have FSN?

    I work in the industry (albeit on the east coast) as I think some of you know. Most cable companies require you to have a box in order to receive anything outside of the local channels, and even that may be stretching it. Satellite companies also will require a box on every set. Just out of...